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Xamarin Benefits For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

cross platform mobile app development solutions

Xamarin Benefits For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

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Every developer wants to speed up his own speed to wrap up mobile application development task within a given time frame, but due to blurry vision and lack of services they are unable to deliver want they actually want. To cope up with this problem developers community introduced Xamarin; cross-platform for developers so they can build full-fledged mobile applications within the time frame.


Till now, developers are become used to with it but still few of them are unaware about its benefits. So let’s discuss what is Xamarin and how it helps mobile app developers?


What is Xamarin?

Xamarin works like a salt, confuse!! Don’t head your mind, will explain to you in a much simpler way. It’s a mobile app development platform which is used to build, test and monitor mobile apps. Currently most of the fortune five companies like IBM, Appcelerator and Kony are using Xamarin framework for mobile app development and only in past 12 months Xamarin developers community has grown 98% and sales have more than doubled. Xamarin’s differentiation stems from its ability to build native and hybrid apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows using a single C# code base.


How Xamarin helps mobile app developers

Xamarin cross-platform mobile app development solutions allow developers to use a single code for designing apps for multiple platforms. Previously it was very difficult and time taking for mobile app developers to write code for cross platforms like Android and iOS as both carry their own set of rules and code structure. But with the help of Xamarin, once developers have done with their code they can use it for Android as well as iOS mobile applications. Other than this, it allows mobile app developers to use existing resources while designing mobile application with the launch of Xamarin insights and Xamarin test cloud. To keep pace, Xamarin cross-platform solutions continue to innovate.


Xamarin updates for mobile app development


Since its launching date, many updates have been made in the Xamarin features such as:


Platform for wearables mobile application


Wearable devices like Apple watch is in trend therefore mobile app developers shifted their minds towards new technologies to build apps for wearables. Xamarin platform enables developers to design and develop Apple Watch apps from Microsoft MSFT -0.23%’s Visual Studio IDE. According to Lopez Research, over a third of the companies want to build apps for wearables. That’s the reason recently Android also launched its wearable devices.


Forms to help companies


Xamarin has launched its Xamarin. Forms that allow developers to share more than 90% of code across the platforms that directly saves mobile app development service provider’s time and efforts. It has also a native UI for the phone and tablet form factors for iOS, Android and Windows but uses shared code on the back end.


New Solutions for Visual Studio Online


As we know Microsoft acquired Xamarin that added new workflows in Visual Studio Online. Now developers can build Android apps through Visual Studio Online cloud build service by reducing the overhead of configuration and can maintain an on-site build server. It can also initiate mobile tests in Xamarin Test Cloud and automatically creates work items back in Visual Studio Online based on test results. It also automatically receives work items using Xamarin Insights to monitor apps production for crashes, exceptions, and events.


Benefits of Xamarin Mobile App Development

Code Reusability


As Xamarin allow developers to use single code across the different platforms therefore hybrid mobile app development is comparatively quicker then Native development.


Cost-effective solutions


It reduces the cost of hiring developers. Unlike, Native iOS apps, hybrid apps reduces the hiring cost of iOS and Android developers because here we need only one team to build a mobile app that runs effectively on both OSs.


Improved Time-to-Market


With Xamarin cross-platform app development tools, businesses can deploy their product faster than ever. Now the app development process becomes faster and delivering products become more swiftly than before. As Xamarin uses a single code base, it works seamlessly on leading mobile platform.


Minimum Efforts


There is no need to write code for Android mobile app and iOS mobile app separately as Xamarin cross development solutions allow developers to use existing code and resources for developing a new mobile application which directly saves developers efforts and hard work.


Efficient Development


Xamarin features allow developers to show more creativity and efficiency at the same time by reducing the length of the code. It offers uniformity that makes mobile application design more efficient and appealing. With Xamarin, no need to create separate UI for different mobility platforms as it can reuse 90% of the code and create both Android and iOS apps simultaneously.


Xamarin Mobile App Development Solutions delivers the right conditions to build applications that can exist both inside and outside of the Windows ecosystem.


Wider User Reach


It helps mobile app development companies to increase their customer reach with the help of cross-platform mobile apps. Write code once and use it for both iOS and Android mobile apps and engage the target audience for the long-term.


Summing Up


The Xamarin mobile app development services have continuously increased its reach among mobile app developers as it sorely changed the mobile development process. Tools that are offered by Xamarin are very powerful as they provide platform compatibility and functionality that several hybrid app development tools can’t match. Other than this, there are various benefits and reason to adopt this technology so hire expert Xamarin developer with a top Xamarin mobile app development company to build full-fledged apps.


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