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Blogs Every Mobile Application Developer Should Read


Blogs Every Mobile Application Developer Should Read

  |   Mobile App Development

Mobile application developers continuously ought to be upskilling, and increasingly are expected to bring more than simply nice code to an organization.

There are many blogs mobile application developers will reading to find out, but it’s impalpable knowing where to start (or even what is value reading).

That’s why we created today’s post: to grant mobile application developers such as you a headstart, compilation 7 of the most effective dev blogs on the net.

Let’s get started!

1) Federico Cargnelutti

Federico is a skilled mobile application developer, and often blogs around coding, software system design and agile development. With a combination of straight-to-the-point tutorials and, courtesy of his Twitter, a ton of technical news and insight, Frederico’s blog may be a nice scan for any mobile application developer.

2) ProgrammableWeb

Since its initiation in 2005, ProgrammableWeb has been at the forefront of the evolving API economy. It offers a staggering quantity of hands-on content, and manages to keep up its quality across a fantastic publication schedule ranging as high as 10 posts per day. In addition to its fantastic diary content, ProgrammableWeb contains a large directory of Apis for mobile application development and a plethora of white papers and analysis.

3) Jonathan Kohl

Jonathan Kohl’s diary combines formidable experience in mobile application development with a lot of obvious business-savvy, making a wealth of resources excellent for developers curious about the business side of mobile application development. Jonathan additionally puts pen-to-paper in his printed book, faucet into Mobile Application Testing, and also the forthcoming faucet into Mobile Application style.

4) Otaku, Cedric’s blog

With blog archives stretching back as way as 2003 (truly blogging before it was cool), Otaku is packed-full of a large amount of development recommendation, building off of author Cédric Beust ‘s expertise as a former engineer at android, and a creator of the Java testing framework Testing.

5) App Masters

‘App Masters’ is counted in as a must-read blog for everyone working in app marketing or thinking about launching their own app. This blog is all about App Store Optimisation.

Also read: App Store Optimization Guide to get most of the traffic to your App.

5. NowSecure

NowSecure offers security solutions for the topmost concern in the app development industry. The solutions offered by NowSecure are served in a handy blog which is a giveaway of some expert insights. Their weekly MobSec5 update is very useful as it offers regular round-up of the latest Mobile App security news.

6. iOS Dev Weekly

Every iOS mobile App developer should make subscribe to this weekly blast by Dave Verwer. He curates the best links and articles regarding iOS Development each week which keeps you updated with the contemporary tech world. It offers a resourceful blend of design, marketing, coding and new tools.

7. Tech Crunch

This well-known tech blog has a dedicated section of Apps. It serves news hot and educates about the advance developments in mobile app world.

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