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Ways to maximise audience engagement for e-commerce stores


Ways to maximise audience engagement for e-commerce stores

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Team Consagous has some tips for you to draw maximum visitors to your online store. Here are the prominent ones that are employed by our digital marketing team to lift your e-commerce venture amidst cut-throat competition.


  1. More new products please!

Launch products to meet your users needs which will draw them into your conversion funnel.


  1. Social Media Advertising

To target your actual audience and in a cost effective way as compared to Adwords, go for advertising on platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc to which allow you to segregate audience by demographics and target through keywords.


  1. Go for YouTube ads

Too cumbersome to create videos, well then create ads. that will run on videos your audience watches on YouTube.


  1. Collect email addresses and send curated emails

Once your e-store has collected emails, make sure to target that data with relevant email marketing as different intervals of time to build brand recall. It could be a newsletter or just product information or launch.


  1. Retargeting Advertising

Bring back the people who were on your website but didn’t purchase by advertising on the plenty of display networks available which also includes Facebook. This shall help you get the elusive conversions.


  1. Email visitors who leave their shopping cart

When a customer exits the website after filling their cart at your e-store, send them an email reminder to come back and complete the purchase before stocks run out.


  1. Add an abandoned cart exit-offer

More often than not you will see visitors filling their carts and leaving them without making the purchase. At this point launch a pop-up offer that gives an incentive to the visitor to complete the purchase like a coupon code or free shipping. Exit offers are a great way to delight the visitor.


  1. Devise an affiliate program

Affiliates help you drive website traffic and boost your sales, with no advertising expense. You compensate them for sales they are responsible for generating, a minimal risk way to expand your reach and sales. You can either create your in-house affiliate program or join an existing one which is a better option giving you access to experienced marketers. Offer a good commission as that is the main motivation for the affiliates and optimize your e-commerce website to its maximum along with the sales funnel to ensure conversions.


  1. Launch cross-sell and up-sell offers

Present your visitors with the right up-sell and cross-sell offers when they are checking out. Cross-selling involves matching items that are often used and purchased together. You can use both acumen and data to determine what cross-sell opportunities exist for your product. Up-sells include offers to purchase a higher quantity of a particular item at a discounted selling price mostly. An irresistible purchase price is responsible for a visitor to go for the up-sell offering.

  1. Add testimonials, policies

Product reviews and testimonials build buyer confidence and egg on the visitor to complete the purchase. A clear return policy lets the buyer shop at ease knowing that they won’t be stuck with a misfit product in case they wish to return. The feeling of security is a must in e-commerce business and a return policy gives that.


Employ these methods to take your e-commerce business to the very top of product sales and customer loyalty.


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