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How can You Take the Benefit of Negative Reviews of Your Mobile App

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How can You Take the Benefit of Negative Reviews of Your Mobile App

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It’s not breaking news: app reviews have an enormous importance within the app stores and in App Store improvement (ASO). As an app developer or marketer, nice and positive reviews are continuously encouraging. On the opposite hand, negative reviews are often exhausting to handle. this text can assist you find out how to profit from even the foremost scalding negative review.
You have most likely detected this already, however app store users who leave reviews ar radical: they typically either love or hate your app, with very little to no middle ground. Indeed, users who don’t have sturdy feelings concerning an app sometimes won’t trouble to go away a review.
Why? as a result of the review method is way too long and painful. Therefore, solely passionate users can take the time to write down a review.
This ends up in a significant imbalance. there’s sometimes a high majority of five- and one-star reviews. Ratings within the middle (2, 3 and 4) are typically a lot of scarce.
Users reviewing an app can either unfold their love and encouragement or instead throw down their discontented glove of challenge while not refined any words.
As app reviews are very vital in terms of ASO, as a result of they carry lots of weight within the app store rule and impact apps’ rankings, it’s important to target gathering positive reviews whereas avoiding bad ones.



1. App users are the most effective testers


Your app users are your best app testers. Indeed, they’re going to not hesitate to notify you concerning continual bugs or glitches occurring in your app. sadly, most of the time, they’re going to do thus by leaving a (negative) review.


Look on the brilliant aspect here: a minimum of you’re currently aware of some problems you will not have detected. Sometimes, bugs occur once some extremely specific situations that you just presumably would have lost. Or a minimum of would have noticed a lot of later.



2. Stay ahead of your competitors


Mining your competitive apps’ negative reviews will really be a good way to run your competition.


Indeed, these bad reviews are often a good supply of inspiration,since users typically indicate options they’d prefer to have however that are missing. this enables you to require the lead over your competitors and build the requested new options before them, or higher than them.


Monitoring your competitors’ bad reviews may assist you prioritise your pipeline by moving ahead some options over others, consistent with what users ask. this is also valid for your own reviews, obviously.



3. Learn how to enhance the design of your app


Along with bug reporting, app users also build user experience (UX) or design suggestions in their negative reviews. These also are very fascinating and typically vital to take into account.


Sometimes, once you’re too much into one thing, you tend to own a kind of “tunnel vision” concerning your software, and you forget that your users don’t recognize your app furthermore as you are doing.


In different words: what’s obvious to you will not be to your users. This may build it harder than you think to navigate through your app and use its options effectively.



4. Optimize your customer support


A terrific way to avoid bad reviews is to produce great support to your users. Not solely it’ll show that you’re gift, it’ll conjointly offer your users with different solutions to precise their complaints.


Your users can so be less tempted to go away a negative public review. The goal here is to stay these dissatisfied users removed from the app store.


Here are few ways in which to do that:

  • Adding a support email address in your app description and on your varied digital communications, and inspiring users to use it.
  • Including a live chat feature directly at intervals your app.
  • Optimizing your social media presence and responsive all comments.




Negative app reviews are not at all pleasant to receive. Not solely do they have an effect on your app store visibility and discoverability, they may additionally discourage users from downloading your app.


This makes it important to avoid bad reviews as far as possible. Building a nice and practical app could be a great begin.


Taking action on your negative ratings could be a step any that may raise your retention rate. continuously try and take the simplest out of the complaints, remarks or suggestions created by your users (or your competitors’ users).


At a similar time, it’s crucial to do gathering positive reviews, thus don’t hesitate to raise your users to rate your app (prompt them once 5 to 6 uses of your app). For a lot of on gathering positive reviews, make sure to visualize out our tips for obtaining nice app reviews.

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