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How to Choose the Best Name For Your New App to Make It Discover-able

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How to Choose the Best Name For Your New App to Make It Discover-able

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If you want your potential users to organically notice you through looking within the Google and Apple stores, the first factor you need to think about is selecting the correct app name.

Your app name is the very first thing that your users see and provides them a snapshot of what you app is and what it will do.

Although the Apple store provides 255 characters for your app name solely the initial twenty about characters are visible if users are looking apps from their iPhones. This means you must have a descriptive app name inside twenty characters.

Choosing an app name sounds comparatively simple however it can actually be a tricky method. There are several things to take into thought to make sure that you just select the right name for your app.



Relevant Keywords – App Store Optimisation


As far as App Store optimization is involved, app name and keywords have the most influence on your app’s SEO.

Since app store algorithms place an emphasis on the app name, it is imperative that you just use relevant and descriptive keywords in your app name to encourage store searches to search out your app.

If you have a camera app, for example, it would be best to choose a name that means photography and cameras.

For iOS app submission, you’ll also want an ‘extended name.’ This is a mix of your app name and a couple of important keywords that clearly determine what your app is about.

Apple provides 255 characters for your app name though you ought to not feel duty-bound to use all of them or just fill the descriptions it with keywords. Your name needs to make sense and appears smart. Finding a good balance between keywords and branding is essential.

Some people have managed to use all 255 characters however we powerfully recommend that you don’t:



Keywords Section:


Apple gives you one hundred characters to outline your keywords. Make certain that you just use all of them. Keywords shouldn’t be repeated here and we recommend that you just select synonyms of your popular keywords to create certain all angles are covered.

Avoid using proprietary names and brands in your keywords so as to steer away from any issues that will arise from doing therefore.

You should have a transparent SEO strategy in mind once selecting your app name and your keywords. It’s better to rank within the prime ten for a mean keyword than rank in the prime one hundred for a really competitive one.

You won’t get better results for phrases. Instead of using phrases in your keyword section we advise using keywords separated by commas. I.e. instead of “finance tool” use “finance, tool”.



Tips on the way to choose your keywords:


Relevancy –

Select relevant keywords – Your keywords ought to replicate what your app is all about. Ask yourself the question If I rank #1 for that sure keyword, will users download my app? Let’s imagine you have a monetary tool app. Ranking #1 for the keyword “financial” can facilitate however ranking #1 for “financial tool” will undoubtedly bring in a lot of downloads.


Competition –

You will most likely have stiff competition in your app area. You need to analyse your competitors’ keywords and see if you’ll be able to rank in this area. If you are aiming for keywords that have gotten countless monthly searches and have high competition you would like to be realistic about where your app may return. A ranking at #600+ will attract very little to no attention as users merely won’t scroll down that way.

In this case, it is better to appear for synonyms and different keywords wherever you’ll be able to rank within the prime ten.


Search Volume –

If you will not make a choice from a handful of keywords that are each relevant to your app and have low to medium competition (where you can rank within the prime 10) then take a glance at monthly search volumes and opt for the very best searched keywords.




Simplicity – Pronunciation – Stickiness


When selecting your app name stick to easy, easy to keep in mind and sticky names. Remember, app users browse through many apps, so your app name ought to grab their attention right away.

Make certain individuals will pronounce and spell your app right. If people cannot keep in mind your app name, cannot spell or pronounce it you will miss out on a metric ton of downloads.

Choosing an app title that includes short and danceable words and phrases will certainly facilitate.

Simply avoid all surplus complications in your app title and select a unforgettable name for your app and you’ll be fine.



Check for availability and be distinctive


Your first step to applying your apps name is to examine if it’s accessible. Start by Googling your plan. When checking for convenience you ought to be trying for:


1-) App Store availability
2-) Wider usage and trademarks


If your app name has already been taken and/or it is competing with star apps or brands you must think about dynamical it. This will additionally facilitate avoid users obtaining confused and downloading the incorrect app!

Finally, you should select a novel app name that actually expresses your product. Some people select to piggy back on huge app names solely to struggle to square out. Not having a unique name also can place all of your selling and promotion efforts in danger and may drive customers to competitor apps.

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