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How to Choose a better eCommerce Cart

eCommerce Cart

How to Choose a better eCommerce Cart

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Are you looking for the perfect ecommerce solution for your startup or small business? Look no further than Opencart or Magento.

Entrepreneurs who are standing on the brink of starting their new eCommerce venture all have the same question to face with at some point in time:

Which eCommerce platform should I choose to start my online business? Obviously, When it comes to eCommerce, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

eCommerce Pricing & Hosting

Nothing beats free, right? Well technically, Opencart is a free ecommerce solution whilst Magento comes at a price, so technically Opencart wins this category hands down. There are however other costs to take into consideration before you close the book on this category. The Magento Go option offers a free hosting solution for your shopping cart whereas Opencart requires you to host your ecommerce store. If you already have a website then Opencart may the right ecommerce solution for you, based solely on price.

One more consideration that you should take into account under the price comparison however, is how much it will cost you to migrate your cart at a later stage if and when your business grows. Magento offers a free 30 day trial and thereafter offers a number of different pricing options depending on the number of products you have and the storage you require. For companies who are selling less than 100 products, Magento costs $15 a month. For companies offering between 100 and 500 products, Magento costs $25 per month. Magento is also designed to grow with your business offering better features than Opencart, so you have to decide which option suits your short and long term goals best.

Things  Should  be Considered  When Starting an online eCommerce Business

Who is going to build your eCommerce platform, and what are their capabilities and skills?

  • What additional features and functions will you want to integrate into your online store, on top of the obvious default ones?
  • Are there any known performance issues with the platform/solution.
  • How much will you need to spend on licensing, hosting, extensions etc and does it fit in with your budget?How much support is available online for your desired platform?
  • How big is the community around it in terms of solutions and extensions?

When you’re looking at any ecommerce system, it’s important to know what you need. Open Cart is perfect for beginners and those just looking to run a small online store. However, if you plan to run multiple stores, you need more custom features or you’re looking for better support. Magento is a better choice for your ecommerce solution.

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