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Artificial Intelligence Service Provider

Leverage Cognitive Computing
to develop applications with human Intelligence

Cognitive computing is the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), which is capable of transcending data segments and sensor streams to deal with symbolic as well as conceptual information. Cognitive computing is akin to human cognition, which closely mimics the human thought processes within a computerized model. Consagous offers cognitive product support, which is a combination of analytics, data mining, and machine learning, to ensure seamless customer experience across all the entities of the system

Mobile App




Dynamics 365



of Things

Work-Flow Model

Process We Follow

  • Migration: Firstly, data is migrated from legacy systems to new platforms.
  • Design And Architecture: We design data platforms as per the requirements of business.
  • Ml And Business Intelligence: The process consists of engine recommendations.
  • Analysis And Ideation: Particular domain and data are analyzed.

Industries We Serve


Creating advanced virtual assistants

Developing diagnostic algorithms

Predicting pandemics analytics


Developing advanced customer chatbots

Creating personalized customer experiences

Predicting analytics

Retail And E-Commerce

We create highly personalized customer journeys

Provide automated inventories

Support delivery management system

Travel And Hospitality

Create personalized guest experiences

Create virtual assistants

Provide Voice-activated services

Features like smart on-premises alerts are also offered

Logistics And Automotive

Develop Smart traffic control system

Engine monitoring and predictive maintenance

Semi-autonomous functionality


Custom Ai Software And Model Development

Consagous provides you with full-cycle development of custom AI models based on Deep and Machine Learning algorithms, consisting of data Science research, training, validation, and testing.

On-The-Edge Ai

We provide customized Machine Learning (ML) models for on-the-edge device deployment.

Ai-Driven Big Data Solutions

We provide solutions for architecture design and help in the implementation of enterprise big data solutions.

Ai Solutions Life Cycle Management

We aid in the implementation of AI application lifecycle management and CI/CD.


We establish integration with AI-ready cloud platforms and third-party APIs

Ai DevOps

We provide comprehensive infrastructure management for machine learning workloads.

Our Technological Expertise

We deal with all major ML frameworks.

We provide pre-built and pre-trained models for multiple vertical use cases including prediction, classification, segmentation, anomaly detection, and NLU.

We help in accelerating compute infrastructure.

We provide cloud-based ML platforms and services like Azure ML, AWS ML, Google AutoML, etc.

We aid in designing, deploying and supporting the enterprise AI production workflow for on-premise and public clouds.

We give you enterprise big data technology stack including SQL/NoSQL databases, ETL, ingestion, and streaming analytics.

Our Team’s Success

Awards for Our Excellent Work
all Around the World

Consagous continues to receive industry accolades, in 2018 and 2019, it featured as a top mobile app development company in the USA and India by Clutch, Good firms and Appfutura. The success journey of Consagous has featured in various entrepreneurs magazines.

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