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Tips to create a better ‘Mobile App Logout’ experience


Tips to create a better ‘Mobile App Logout’ experience

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Usability and navigation define a mobile application on any operating software. Access to all important features should be clear and lucid for every user belonging to any demography.

But many a times the most obvious and simplest of action, the ‘Logout’ link/button is simply untraceable because of a complex interface that makes it tough for users to manage their account often leading to app churn.


Consagous’ experienced mobile application developers with an eye for clutter breaking approach give some advice on how to implement the best LOGOUT practice:


  1. The ‘Logout’ functionality on a mobile app should not take more than 15 seconds to be found ideally. The design pattern for logging-out should be the most well-defined convention of a mobile app.
    It can be situated in a dropdown located at the top left or top right, the popular location pattern that is, more like a convention.

  1. In order to make the mobile app user think twice before signing out for fear of increased churn rate, don’t force them to remain signed in. Logout doesn’t necessarily mean that the user is done with your app. Forcing the user to remain logged-in by making the logout feature difficult to find, you are only driving him/her further away.


Don’t conceal the logout option in complex and multiple menus or dropdowns.

And if you feel that your app will be used less frequently then make the logout feature conform to a commonly used location, one which the user won’t have to remember.

Instead of making the function difficult to locate, put in a confirmation for sign-out



  1. Make sure that the logout feature which is a core functionality is accessible via touch and not through hovering on your mobile app (mostly ‘hover’ interaction doesn’t exist on touch and mobile devices). Hovering shall lead to opening of other options like profile and settings most times, disappointing the user in terms of accessing the basics.


  1. Don’t make the mobile app user go an expedition to literally discover the ‘logout’ feature under an array of symbols like cogs, ellipsis or avatars and usernames to exit the app. Using an inconspicuous, tiny icon to hide the logout link under doesn’t serve much purpose even though they give the advantage of occupying less screen space.


Provide proper visual cues that give the user a clear direction to the logout link instead of icons like cogs that represent configuration settings more than the user. Employ a straightforward and consistent approach where a username or an avatar leads to the logout option through a menu/dropdown. Don’t use icons that may confuse users, keep them simple and clear.


Make login and logout the smoothest process possible for your mobile app’s user to give them a sense of freedom, trust and ease. We hope the above shared tips shall render a great user experience on your mobile app.

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