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Custom Software Applications: your organizational gloves!

custom software applications

Custom Software Applications: your organizational gloves!

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Let us begin with understanding what Custom Software Development is; it is the designing of software applications that are specially developed for some specific organization or other user. As such, it can be contrasted with the use of software packages developed for the mass market, such as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, or existing free software.
Multinational corporations mostly make use of custom software for a wide range of departments or functions like inventory management, customer management, content management and sometimes just to fill gaps in the existing software.
If you are looking at streamlining your operations and enhancing intra-organizational efficiency especially in regards to small medium enterprises (SMEs), then, getting a custom software is the best choice for you.


Let us look at the many advantages of Custom Software Solutions –


A. Dependable Support & Maintenance
With a customized software you have the extreme ease of a support team that shall assist you and your firm/organization with any technical glitches.


B. Cost Effective
You save capital when you invest in custom software applications because when you purchase off the shelf and license it, they could come with an added cost – the cost of purchasing extra hardware that goes with it to make them run smoothly. Whereas, a custom software developer will tweak the program to both the vendor of your hardware and your hardware’s features, capabilities and structure. This in turn, helps your enterprise save money.


C. Provides One Stop Solution
Companies or businesses need a multitude of softwares to seamlessly carry out day to day operations and maintaining a bunch of programs/softwares can not only be irksome but also chaotic. But if you employ a tailor-made software which can integrate all the processes, you won’t face the trouble of attending to every managerial function separately. Everything shall be dealt with beneath one software ceiling.


D. Runs as Per your Wishes
Custom software applications operate as long as you want them to as opposed to licensed software where your firm is at the receiving end of software developer. If the developer of the purchased software decides to no longer maintain the application, you will be left with the sudden expense of replacing it with another software.


E. Immunity against Hacking
Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software that is readily available in the market is often the target of hackers’ exploits. The hacking brigade tends to hit these off the shelf softwares because one attack gives them access to multiple businesses using the same program. Therefore, when you purchase commercial software, you are making yourself vulnerable to these threats. A bespoke software protects you from such situations as you have the choice of communicating all your vulnerabilities to the vendor before software development begins and all those factors can be assimilated to give you a software that is less likely to get hacked.


F. Scales with your Business
As your business grows, so do your organizational needs. An off the shelf software falls back when this happens, because it hasn’t been developed to accommodate your growing business processes. And when you purchase another software which seems better tuned to handle your firm’s status quo, you have to go through the entire process of training your team again. But when you hire an IT firm, to frame/design a custom made solution, they maintain it for you in the long run and guarantee that it scales to support your firm’s needs as and when required.


Many companies run into the issue of having to go for a good-reliable software, capable of supporting a large scale business but very expensive to license. Therefore, it is a wise choice to opt for a custom software or application and go for a firm that can be your long term technology partner, like Consagous Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (www.consagous.com).
Starting from the customization of the already existing software to the full-cycle custom software application development as per the client’s requirements, Consagous is an experienced and trusted technology mate that can help you get cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions to serve your unique business requirements.

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