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Big Data Analytics Solutions

Get Paramount Benefits
with Big Data Analytics Solutions

From many years, Consagous has been applying data science in various forms ranging from statistics to machine learning to run experiments on your data in search of precious insights. We are globally renowned in the domain of data science and render ground-breaking data-science services.

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Leveraging The Best

Technologies Used

  • We use different technologies including various programming languages, frameworks, and libraries.
  • Programming languages include Python, R, Java, Scala
  • Frameworks include Torch, TensorFlow, Caffe, Apache Mahout
  • Libraries include Keras, Theano, Azure ML studio, etc.

Our USPs

Benefits Of Data SCIENCE

We, at Consagous, have a separate section for data science services as we see many refinements that it can bring to businesses, regardless of the kind of industry. Some of the benefits are:

Improved Product Efficiency

We help you in fighting low overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), identifying their root causes, performance and quality losses. We apply machine learning techniques to achieve predictive maintenance, undisrupted functioning, and to enrich product quality.

Customer Behaviour Prediction

We apply machine learning algorithms to guide you with accurate predictions of your customers’ behaviour. For instance, you will be able to assess how your customers react to changing prices or promotions. We also help you in identifying potential loop-holes so that you can design your strategies to prevent these losses.

Personalized Customer Experience

We apply machine learning techniques, such as collaborative or content-based filtering. We also design recommendation engines to boost the sales of your eCommerce store. A webpage showing personalized content with promo offers which spark customers’ interest, as well as relevant email campaigns are also among the gains that you can get with data science.

Image Analysis

Using machine-learning-based analysis, our data scientists turn images or videos into meaningful information which you can use to solve various business tasks, such as automated visual inspection, facial or emotion recognition, grading, and as well as counting.

Sales Effectiveness

We create a machine learning model to make you communicate smoothly with customers. The model will inform your sales team whether a particular customer has negative emotions about your services. The model is trained to detect attitude aspects and recognizing your customers’ mood.

We also help you in streamlining the sales process by providing your sales team with clever next-step recommendations.

Our Team’s Success

Awards for Our Excellent Work
all Around the World

Consagous continues to receive industry accolades, in 2018 and 2019, it featured as a top mobile app development company in the USA and India by Clutch, Good firms and Appfutura. The success journey of Consagous has featured in various entrepreneurs magazines.

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