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Dos and Don’ts of Android & iOS Mobile Application Development

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Dos and Don’ts of Android & iOS Mobile Application Development

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The mobile app economy is fervently booming and has created  numerous challenges to developers who are comfortable with traditional enterprise applications.” According to market intelligence company App Annie, the range of economic activity surrounding mobile applications will be worth $6.3 trillion globally by 2021 — nearly five times the total a year ago”.


Even if an app has a great concept, poor functionalities will dunk it in the market. So if you want to make your app successful in the emerging market than you need to focus on user experience to accelerate your mobile app. To deliver a great user experience, you need to know do’s and don’ts for the Android  & iOS mobile application development world. Here we mentioned some of them, that will surely help you to design incredible mobile app for your target audience:


Do’s Don’ts
Keep Content Consistent

In today’s digital world, content plays an important role, it is far more than just text on a page. Content has the power to represent your business persona and incite emotions that are generated by the audience. So it is necessary to make your content consistent and use images and phrases to engage the audience.

Don’t Push Too Much Features

Keep your app simple and comprehensive, because a beefy app with too many features can frustrate users and perform poorly on the first try.  Keeping an app feasible requires that you constantly question its available features. When there’s no clear reason for something to exist, remove it from your app. This will help you to focus on the necessitous features in the future.

If you show more features to attract users in starting then the user may walk away from your app.

Cater to the Platform.. But DON’T Forget Creativity

Today, mobile app development is progressing and evolving ever so faster. But only those apps which accomplished a fluid user experience will survive in the play store and app store.

So make your app valuable, simple to use, and unique that can attract the attention of users because creative designs have the power to accelerate your mobile app in the current competitive market.

Don’t Ignore security

Security breaches should never happen. Regardless of how amazing mobile app you have, no one would be willing to use it if it doesn’t ensure the security.

Mobile devices can get stolen or lost therefore users want to ensure that all the data and their information should be kept secure and confidential. So put your extra efforts on security and surveillance in order to generate huge user base.

Make Sure Your App Works for Basic Users

Today, most of the people, almost of all age groups are using smartphone and tablets in their daily life. So your app should contain easy and handy features that can be easily understood by the users.

The main function of a mobile application is to provide utility or value to users and your app needs to comply with your customer’s needs, preferences and behavior and it should be able to deliver exact needs of customers.

Don’t Forget Branding

Make your app interactive and pleasing to look at, otherwise, you will lose your grip on your audience. As the competition is too much high in this field, app developers need to focus on branding and packaging the app in a unique and recognizable way.


The app emporium is cluttered with competition but that doesn’t mean your mobile application can’t stand out from the crowd. Usage of mobile apps are exploding and opportunities for mobile apps are growing, only you have to figure out how to break through the noise.


Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own, we are here to help you. We have experienced team of mobile app development and our apps encompass all the above-mentioned characteristics that will surely skyrocket your businesses.


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