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Affordable Drupal Development Services

Here successful websites tell the tale of our quality services

Planning & strategy

Strategic planning is a process of defining its strategy or direction, It is followed in an organisation for making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue the strategy.

Design & develop

we design and create many website of different technology & responsible for creating logos,templates,brochures as per the client requirement.

Test & deliver

After complete the process, We test every part of project then deliver to the client.

drupal eCommerce development

Drupal Development Technology Expertise Overview

Drupal is a free content management system (CMS) written in PHP. Drupal, like many modern CMS, allows the system administrators to create and organize content, customize the presentation or appearance, automate administrative and routine tasks, manage site visitors and contributors.Consagous provides full-cycle Drupal development services that include planning and discovery, creative design, module development, consulting and support services. Our skilled and professional Drupal developers provide Drupal development services customized to accommodate the business sensibilities such as e-commerce websites, social networking sites, corporate websites, online community sites, non-profit websites, auction sites, shopping carts, resource directories, newsletters, intranet and extranet sites, personal websites or blogs etc.
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Our Drupal CMS Development Services include

  • Drupal core module development and customization
  • Custom templates and themes development
  • Installation and configuration
  • Design integration
  • Integration of third-party solutions or modules for better operations
  • Custom module development
  • Web development and maintenance
  • Drupal design services
  • Patch management (security patches and core code upgrades)
  • Assistance to help you build custom content types, from basic to advanced
  • Content construction kit (CCK) implementation and customization for custom fields
Drupal eCommerce developemt

If you would like to boost the Drupal development Services for your project, then connect with Consagous today. With our Drupal Rapid Development approach and expert team of Drupal developers and designers, we will help you develop crisp layouts and templates, write clean XHTML and CSS code and integrate it with Drupal. We can even customize the Drupal Module as per your organization’s need or can assist you in implementation of already existing Drupal modules for quick solution or create a new module from the scratch to cater to your business needs.

Consagous Advantage

  • Experience – Our effective Drupal development services is the result of years of experience working with the cutting-edge Drupal technologies. This has given us proven expertise to excel in our Drupal development projects
  • On time – Our Drupal development services experts ensures that all your development tasks are delivered on time
  • Cost-effective – We believe in offering the best solutions to our clients and therefore our professional Drupal development solutions are highly affordable
  • Quality – We ensure various quality tests on each and every level of development to deliver the best high quality end product
  • Efficient support – All our Drupal experts are available for support via phone, email, instant messenger etc. to respond to your queries

Consagous are committed to excellence,from both a technical and delivery point of view

We have an in house team of highly proficient and expert drupal Developer with unmatched skills in delivering high performance, dynamic and safe apps development Our team is always at your service to ensure that your project will be completed in time with qualitative end results and finest accuracy. We look forward to assist you at anytime.


We have an in house team of highly proficient and expert Drupal Developer with unmatched skills in delivering high performance, dynamic and safe apps development Our team is always at your service to ensure that your project will be completed in time with qualitative end results and finest accuracy. We look forward to assist you at anytime.

We make it extremely easy for you to hire our developers, and we provide quick, affordable and hassle-free development services.

Completed 50+ Drupal projects

Website development solutions with the best technologies and fully customizeble service

Team of 15+ Drupal developers

eCommerce development solutions with the best software and development plans for customized

Flexible hiring packages

Develop fully customized mobile applications and tablet applications on Android, ios, BlackBerry

Affordable rates

Consagous technologies provides best opportunities in Information Technology & softwere development Industry.

Assign work directly to programmers

Consagous delivers full Technicle support service and maintenance of the deployed software.

Anytime project progress reports

Highly skilled software development professionals who deliver fully customized

drupal eCommerce development

We are Consagous Drupal Team

We are expert Drupal Development Company in indore providing quality and creative services to clients. Our professional team of Drupal developers is highly experienced in developing various kinds of complex projects in Drupal. .

Our Drupal web development services are highly experienced and perfect in dealing with all business clients and updating them on daily and weekly basis on project delivery.

Our goal is to provide effective and thorough solution for design, development and deployment of web applications, always focused on providing a successful approach to customer needs. Our 5+ years of experience working with Drupal have presented us with challenging projects. Part of our expertise used to solve the projects that come our way includes: module customization, Varnish, Apache Solr, Drupal Commerce, Maps (Open Layers, GMaps) and many other features.

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Our Services

Drupal Social Networking

Social media has become an integral part of online marketing. The virtual space is an unlimited environment providing Internet users with innumerable opportunities. DrupalIdiots.com is an acknowledged expert in open software and provides various services on the development of social media applications enabling customers to socialize online and get benefits from vast online communication.

Drupal modules allow you sharing your applications with thousands of other online users immediately. We enable functional features, including sharing and tweeting.
In addition, based on available modules Drupal provides its customers with customized applications in accordance with the set requirements.

Drupal team provides its customers with the following facilities:

  • Standard rich media components, including photos/images, audios, and videos.
  • Popular social networks, including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter etc to enable our clients communicate with other users and get their core messages across Internet.
  • Social network applications, including Facebook, Google Friend, and Connect are applied by Drupal to directly integrate and embed social networking platforms to customer websites.

Drupal Video Integration

Video-oriented websites normally use external provider of video content such as Blip.TV or YouTube. Such approach eliminates the bandwidth from customer server and enables to include videos in their posts and virtually share videos online.

Drupal is regarded as a premium video integration platform as it embeds video content of all formats by means of video integration modules.

Drupal embeds third-party videos by pasting the video’s code in a post. To this end, most video content providers offer HTML snippet to embed the videos. This option is inconvenient, however, as it assumes the application of specific filter consisting of tags and < object >, < embed >, and < param >, which threatens customer website by potential attacks. Thereby this option can be used by administrators and entrusted editors only. The use of the Full HTML filter is also insecure as it allows general use of the filter which will subsequently open the website to dangerous cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks

Several available modules provide limited support for embedding media content retrieved from third-party sources, including Asset and Video modules. Though, the most appropriate is Embedded Media Field and its integral package constituent – Embedded Video Field

Drupal SEO

Drupal attributes website successfulness to the advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) applied to increase website ranking and ensure its maximum visibility. To this end, DrupalIdiots.com applies various SEO techniques to improve website visibility and advance its traffic.

Proper SEO helps you get more customers and generate more sales through the advanced search engine ranking. Namely SEO tools bring website to the top positions at Google, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines) by defining relevant set of keywords. SEO provides your website with more visibility and consequently more new visitors and potential clients. Thus SEO is regarded as an essential structural method of Internet Marketing.

Drupal SEO benefits:

  • Advanced recognition of your presence on global marketplace.
  • Increase of global visitors, potential clients and business enquiries.
  • Cost-effectiveness achieved through high Return of Investment (ROI).
  • 24/7 global marketing of you products and services.
  • Accessible navigation and usability of your website.
  • Advanced brand presence.

Custom Drupal Modules

Drupal is acknowledged as a lead open source content management system (CMS) which combines in-built modules applied to obtain customized output in accordance with customer requirements. In case the available modules of Drupal fail to meet customer requirements, we apply custom modules given our experience in developing custom modules for our clients.

We are highly-experienced team of experts that provide custom modules varying from the simple to the complex ones. Over the years of expertise we have gained tremendous experience in developing Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 modules. We also vastly apply the newest cutting-edge technologies (jQuery, AJAX etc) to develop Drupal modules.

  • 24/7 customer support and feedback service.
  • Advanced planning of timely project delivery.
  • Professional approach to every project.
  • Allocation of the best experts for every project.

Custom Drupal Themes

In addition to spotless performance and advanced functionality website should also be user-friendly and attractive to make positive impression on its visitors. This is rather important as first impressions count! Within seconds web surfers will make their impression on a visual appeal of your webpage which means that you should do everything possible to impress your visitors from the first sight. Your business will succeed much faster if you have a professionally-created, user friendly, fast-loading and visually appealing webpage.

In case you opt for Drupal technology to build your website, we will provide you with our professional Drupal theme development services to make your site appealing and attractive. Our team of professional theme developers creates exclusive themes to make each webpage unique.

Creating top-quality Drupal themes

While developing Drupal themes we mainly emphasize on valid and pure CSS coding, theme flexibility, cross-browser compatibility, fast loading and SEO-compatibility. The Drupal team of template developers creates everything from simple personal blogs to complex e-commerce portals. We therefore develop unique visually attractive and user-friendly websites that are SEO optimized and meet customer business goals.

Hiring top-quality Drupal themes

Our developers have years-long expertise in creating Drupal themes. We can therefore provide you with your personal Drupal theme developer or a team of dedicated developers to create your Drupal theme. We are permanently striving for creation of professional Drupal themes to make your website appealing to your visitors and help you promote your business, products or services to your target markets.

Drupal Customization

You can always get customization services designed to meet your website requirements at Consagous. The Drupal team of experts works hard to develop and design your website in line with your individual requirements.

So far we have provided many reputed clients with Drupal customization. Our skills and proficiency allow us to develop web-design applications that meet currently applicable web standards. As well as this, we develop Drupal modules as well as custom modules.

Drupal expertise and experience in customization are proven on numerous exclusive websites featured by attractive and unique interface.

Our system is easy to manage and allows you to update content with the help of operational tabs attached and integrated to web-pages. Anyone holding basic technical skills in web browsing and word processing can easily access and manage Dupal CMS.

Drupal customization service available at Consagous provides you with the key operational features that will allow you to:

  • Edit, post and split content into categories.
  • Manage caching to improve website performance.
  • Generate custom URLs for advanced SEO.
  • Alter the visual perception of website by using custom Drupal page template.
  • Register and manage user accounts, roles, permissions, email and IP addresses.
  • Update statistical reports to facilitate administrators.
  • Create forums, post comments, and vote in polls.
  • Enable RSS-feed, generate personal profiles, and develop menu.
  • Provide user-friendly interface in various languages.
  • Work on joint writing projects.

Drupal Design

Consagous is positioned as a lead web design and web development company that provides customers with Drupal content management solutions. At DrupalIdiots.com we widely use illustrations, graphics, photography, and video to create web content. Since successful Drupal design requires well-thought planning, we closely work with our clients throughout the entire web design process. After the completion of the initial mockups we send them to the client to get his feedback. Aftermath the design process passes through several iterations up to the point of perfection. The Design stage is then followed by Theme-creation.

While working for various international government agencies we are aware of the applicable web design standards. Thus we create templates in accordance with Section 508. We validate our content and web pages within the development process to make sure all the pages are accessible to the users.

The following development pillars lie in the core of Drupal design philosophy:

  • Development of well-thought content plan to target users and search engines.
  • Development of user-friendly search engine to enable Commonsense Information Architecture.
  • Provision of consistent, best practice accessibility and usability.
  • Provision of clean contemporary design.

Drupal E-Commerce Solutions

Be sure to choose Drupal for e-commerce development. In case you are planning to operate an e-commerce website, apply Drupal open-source CMS as an affordable and efficient tool to build-up your online store. Once you have decided to sell products or services online, our Drupal e-commerce team will provide you with effective customized e-commerce solutions to match your business needs and budget limitations. Consagous experts have already successfully developed various complex Drupal solutions for e-commerce that allow customers to browse through the available items and enjoy secure online transactions.

We highly recommend using Drupal applications to build your e-commerce presentation online.

Drupal e-commerce services

Drupal 7 e-commerce professionals will offer you with a full-fledged choice of Drupal e-commerce services. We develop and design customized websites from scratch and assist our clients with following consultations. The available highly-functional Drupal e-commerce sites prove that our web development and web design solutions perfectly match unique demands of the customers. We can also redesign the existing Drupal Ecommerce websites to make them more user-friendly and eye-catchy to increase your traffic and sales. We will also assist you with uploading online product catalogs and provide you with advice on how you can do it yourself.

Ubercart module

For the purposes of Drupal Ecommerce development, our experts are well-experienced in Ubercart application, considered a lead open-source Ecommerce shopping cart which integrates Drupal CMS with your online store. Ubercart allows you to streamline all your e-commerce operations. Being an open-source application, Ubercart serves as a cost-effective solution for Drupal Ecommerce development. It was released in 2006 and has empowered thousands of commercial websites since then. Drupal e-commerce developers utilize Ubercart to build secure, easily manageable and highly functional e-commerce websites.

Drupal Ubercart Customization

Ubercart is ranked among the best e-commerce solutions effectively integrated by means of Drupal. DrupalIdiots.com provides Drupal Ubercart Customization through leveraging the advantages of Drupal systems which along with Ubercart provide customers with shopping cart functions easily integrated to corporate websites. Smart combination of Ubercart and Drupal presents powerful e-commerce application. Due to Ubercart modules, its functionality is widely extended.

Consagous enables clients to create, operate and customize their e-stores based on Drupal and Ubercart integration. Drupal’s Ubercart customization service allows you to:

  • Set up solid e-shop based on the integration of CMS Drupal and Ubercart e-commerce module.
  • Integrate client’s e-commerce store with other features of the website and social media options.
  • Create and operate product catalogue and add new items manually or in batch mode.
  • Incorporate the existing modules to client’s Ubercart including available items, orders, checkout, and payments etc.
  • Optimize and configure available settings to make client’s website more functional.
  • Apply SEO tools and implement the newest Internet marketing technologies.
  • Use enhanced approaches such as product comparison, segmented pricing, coupon codes, and cross selling etc.

Drupal Hosting

The success and cost-effectiveness of website development initially depends on proper web hosting services. To save you from money waste, Drupal provides user-friendly CMS application. The development of websites on Drupal platform assumes finding a reliable Drupal-host as hosting service will subsequently affect the traffic of your website. Only sound hosting service will increase the traffic of your website. Consagous offers reliable web hosting services based on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) platform. Once your website starts running, it is important to continually update and maintain it. Consagous offers high speed Internet access to optimize the functionality of your website.

At Consagous we take great care to ensure security to the clients that use Drupal hosting. For this purpose, we constantly monitor and secure our hosting servers and apply pro-active security measures. Our online customers are provided with available and high-quality services while our lines are open for those who are searching engine spiders.

Drupal Hosting in Action!

Drupal hosting applies core server settings, including: LAMP, All distributions of Linux Operational system, MySQL database, Apache webserver, and PHP. Drupal itself is developed on PHP and thus gained tremendous popularity among web developers.

Drupal is therefore compatible with all PHP versions and works with all major databases in addition to MySQL.

Benefit with Drupal Hosting!

Drupal CMS is ranked among the best internationally recognized content management systems. Its core advantage consists in user-friendliness owing to which the system is widely used by people who are not aware of PHP or any other programming languages. The site is managed by means of special Drupal features that are easy to understand and manage. Namely this makes Drupal so popular in use.

Another Drupal CMS advantage is that it is compatible with all the databases and operational systems as well as PHP. Such accessibility makes Drupal easy in use and rather popular among vast variety of users.

Drupal Installation

Consagous is a lead provider of value-added services. We install and configure modules in accordance with the set requirements. We also provide our clients with follow-up consulting on installation. This knowledge allows our clients to work on new modules and themes.

Drupal is a powerful open source ‘Content Management System’ featured by extended flexibility. Drupal developers vastly apply this open-source software as a user-friendly CMS for the developing of websites.

Drupal is an open-source platform that provides various in-built modules. Our developers install and develop costume modules to advance the functionality the processes of customer’s organization.

We equip our clients with simple guidelines to better manage their websites.

Drupal installation by Consagous ensures safety and smooth running of your website.

Drupal Migration

Consagous has large experience in converting various CMS websites to Drupal and upgrading the existing versions of Drupal to its most recent version. Considering the tremendous popularity of robust and easy-to-use open source software systems, more and more individual and corporate clients are opting for CMS platforms like Drupal.

Your website will gain dual advantage due to migrating to Drupal. DrupalIdiots.com provides full-fledged features that are embedded or in-built in Drupal. As well as this Drupal clients get access to the advanced and reliable system. We assist companies that experience problems with migration of their websites to more advanced Drupal modules.

The DrupalIdiots.com team holds strong expertise in offering customers with Drupal Migration projects. We migrate data from your custom programmed CMS and CMS websites to the advanced Drupal websites and upgrade previous Drupal-based websites to the newest Drupal versions available on market.

The process of data migration into Drupal

Data migration lies in the core of transferring from one technology to another. Drupal expertise in data architecture allows coping with the most complex data migrations.

Drupal is a leader in SEO website migration and upgrades

While migrating from one technology to another we care about SEO value of customer websites. We ensure the secure migration process without losing search engine rankings of the websites.

Drupal Performance Optimization

At DrupalIdiots.com we apply essential adjustments to speed up Drupal performing tuning which is popular and widely applied CMS. We arrange Performance Optimization at three levels.

Configuring the web server

Drupal is written in PHP and installed on MySQL database and Apache web server. Drupal is converted to executable program to assist every new webpage that applies PHP engine. Drupal applies MySQL database to store webpage content. By using Drupalidiots.com you decrease the loading period and speed up the functionality of your website owing to:

Configuring Drupal

In-built performance features of Drupal CMS reduce page load period and speed up your website owing to:

  • Drupal page caching enabling to save and re-use pre-built pages.
  • Aggregation of Drupal CSS files to combine various files into a single one and displace comments and extra white spaces.
  • Enabling block caching through the replacement of slow blocks with cached versions quicker to assemble.

Configuring theme and webpage layout

Modification in page.tpl as well as other folders enables to make theme browser user-friendly. In addition, Drupal performs theme optimization on this stage.

Drupal eCommerce development

Our Features

  • Investigating and resolving issues with a Drupal website.
  • Trouble shooting the configuration of a Drupal website.
  • Developing enhancements to and/or fixing issues with Drupal modules.
  • Creating new Drupal modules.
  • Data migration to Drupal.
  • System integration with third party systems and Drupal.
  • Developing enhancements to and/or fixing issues with a Drupal theme.
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Dynamic Websites

These are the websites of which the contents get chnged dynamically.User can change the content by clicking on some text or an image. When the information stored in the database changes, the web page connected to the database change accordingly and automatically without any human intervention. Dynamic sites are great for image galleries, online calendars or e- commerce etc.

Advantages of dynamic websites are listed below:

  • Content Management System(CMS)
  • E-Commerece Site
  • Memebers Databse

Digital Marketing

This uses electronic device for communicating consumers and other users. This type of marketing uses digital channel like email, social network, cellular messaging and many more.Digital Marketing increases the business effectively.

Forms of digital marketing :

  • Pull digital marketing : It allows the user to get the message by opening an email text message.
  • Push digital marketing :With this user send the message to the other user without any prior information such as display advertisement on website. It is also considered as spam.

Web analytics

It is the measurement of internet data for purpose of understanding and optimizing web usage. It is not just a tool for measuring internet data but also used to improve the effectiveness of a website. It also used to measure how traffic to website changes. It helps to increase the popularity of any website.

Types of web analytics:-

  • Off-site web analytics : Off-site web analytics refers to web measurement and analysis regardless of whether you own or maintain a website.
  • On-site web analytics : On-site web analytics measure a visitor’s behaviour once on website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process which affect the visibility of a website or webpage in a search engine. In simple words Seo allows the user, how frequently or earlier a website appears when a they search it on a search engine. It is a method to display a website into the front page of any search engine. SEO provide high rank to website so that more click is done by the user to the website. The higher a website is ranked the more is a chance to be clicked by the user or visited by the user.

Customer Engagement

Drupal’s cost-efficient approach allows you to bring best-in-class mobile experience to your customers without the high price tag. Pay only for the features and devices you want while Drupal handles the ongoing maintenance of your app in the iTunes and Android marketplaces.

Commercial Services

As well as the community, there are many dedicated companies in the Marketplace to help with your Drupal project. Providing expertise and a deeper understanding, they can help with design, development, hosting, spam blocking, theming, training, and more.


Drupal ecommerce helps to deploy new device-specific features and branded themes with just a few clicks. even when customers have downloaded our app the new Drupal mobile admin allows to update the colors and appearance of differnet mobile apps.

Customer Engagement

Drupal’s cost-efficient approach allows you to bring best-in-class mobile experience to your customers without the high price tag. Pay only for the features and devices you want while Drupal handles the ongoing maintenance of your app in the iTunes and Android marketplaces.

Customer Support

We offer monitoring and support through a dedicated team and automated systems. We ensure stability, availability and scalability for all of our customers, at all times

We offer support packages to suit the needs of international multichannel retailers. We provide our customers with meticulous support and monitoring services for their operations, focusing on both preventative and reactive support.

Our support packages include business as usual (BAU) to cover small change, a dedicated Helpdesk for you to raise tickets and issues, and up to 24/7 support. We will work with you to choose the right package for your business


We have built a powerful framework for Drupal integrations that allows us to develop robust, transactional interactions with other service providers.

Using this framework we can extend, support and upgrade users of our modules. The framework also provides our customers with real-time transactional message history for all systems. We regularly build enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and payment gateway integrations as part of larger solutions for our customers.


Documentation made for the project is used to define the way in which a project will be managed and the governance surrounding it.

We believe that The success of any project is crucially dependent on the documents produced for it So we make proper documentation for each of the project we work on Benefits of good documentation:

  • Unlocks your product power
  • Add value to your product
  • Sell more products
  • Reduce time spent supporting your product
  • Build confidence in your quality
  • Deliver on your promise

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    We chose Consagous because of its reputation for top-notch quality work along with finding a reliable tech partner in them to clean up our code. Clear milestones and project specifications along with timely results set Consagous apart from other firms in this area. Partnering with them has allowed us to promptly meet our market’s needs as we move swiftly from one project objective to another.
    Sean Cooper
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    The best i have worked with on scriptlance so far, I would give them an A+
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    They’ve done a great job. That’s why I plan on continuing to work with them.
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