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Easiest Ways to Learn Android Application Development

Android Application Development

Easiest Ways to Learn Android Application Development

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IDC highlighted within the third quarter of 2013 that android has created a brand new milestone – With 211.6 million smartphones being shipped, android has moved ahead of the eightieth count in shipments. within the third quarter of 2013, android created a record of eighty one shipments in an exceedingly short span of your time. Unbelievable, however faithful the hold, android is usurping the maximum area in the mobile market. Saturation could also be feared, however there’s no manner android is slowing down. within the face of such scenario, android app developers are being the most wanted by huge firms. If you’re a developer and haven’t yet got yourself trained in android development, its time you quit everything and get on with it.


Learning Android App Development

1. The first step is to learn Java. making an attempt to learn android while not knowing java is like jumping to ride a Ferrari without learning to drive in the 1st place! For Java lessons, you can hop in here:

A beginner’s guide to Java Programming.

2. Once you’re aware of Java essentials, you’ll be able to get going with android development tutorials. Here’s an inventory where you can start up together with your android learning:

Official Developer Tutorial – This has been created by open source developers and android community. this is the most effective place for a beginner to begin.

3.  Next you can look for smart video tutorials in order that you can have a visual and active learning. you can do a random search on Google and/or YouTube; or go through the subsequent links:

Video by android User teams
Video by XDA Developers

4.  Each theoretical information desires practical implementation. If you’ve got grasped what android programming is all about, then its suggested you begin building an application based on your learning. in the end practice makes you excellent. you can revert to all or any the above tutorials and additionally skim through few eBooks like:

Android tutorial
App inventor eBook
For answers to all or any your queries, you should look into stackoverflow.com

5.  For a thorough learning of android development, you’ll take up android App Development Course at any professional institute. That should be for two month’s course divided in eight modules. Best industry experts teach students from zero! Interactive virtual classes and active coaching are the key highlights of this course. Students will pick up project concepts from the information provided at there and complete the same under proper guidance.

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