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AR/VR Application Development Company

Experience the Virtual
Magic of Reality-Based Technologies

Extended reality is an umbrella term comprising of augmented reality, Virtual reality, Mixed Reality, and everything in between. Extended reality offers a wide range of revolutionary experiences. Consagous vision for extended reality is to use devices, which will transform everyday consumer experiences and market verticals from industries like healthcare, education, and retail.

Boundless extended reality creates immersive mobile extended reality experiences with photo realistic visuals through the combination of on-device processing, 5G, and edge cloud processing. Consagous is leading in the domain of extended reality and 5G ecosystem which provides efficient end-to-end solutions.

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Why Consagous?

World-Class Extended Reality

Our XR professionals are experts in examining the business issues and creating innovative solutions to add efficiency while increasing productivity at the same time to meet our client requirements.

  • Customizable cross-industry solutions to each of the business structure
  • Optimal implementation and integration strategies
  • Ideal user flow and UI design
  • Integrating into core systems
  • Delivery on a tailored implementation plan
  • Validation of concept on the chosen device
  • We deliver superior mobile extended reality processing at low power consumption.
  • We also develop foundational technology which is required for XR, like immersive 3D graphics, ultra low power, camera subsystems, as well as converged computer vision, machine learning, intuitive security, and 5G technologies. This is to make future extended reality devices more intuitive and connected.
  • We work with the ecosystem and invest in leading XR companies to make our vision of XR a reality very soon.

Challenges We Overcome


Extended reality needs an extensive revolution in display technology. It requires a richer visual content and an ability to seamlessly switch between virtual and real worlds. Besides being durable and comfortable, XR displays also need to solve a myriad of challenges. There are some physiological characteristics of the human visual system, if not properly accounted, cause fatigue and discomfort. This is when your eyes rotate and focus on the objects at different perceived distances.

Common Illumination

Making virtual objects in augmented worlds is visually indistinguishable from real objects, which is a tremendous challenge. It is a challenge that needs to be overcome for extended reality to reach its potential. Further convergence is needed between the disciplines of computer vision and the 3D graphics to deliver common illumination between virtual and real objects.

Power And Thermal

Improvements in heterogeneous computing performance per watt, materials science, battery technology, software efficiency, and standardization are required across the ecosystem to meet our vision of ubiquitous extended reality.


The extended reality also requires seamless connectivity to the internet and cloud services. As we serve more and more XR users with higher-quality immersive services, we also need the additional capacity of 5G. It will also help in delivering a more uniform XR experience since 5G data rates will not vary much as they currently do today when you are far away from the base station.

Benefits Of Extended Reality

It helps in increasing efficiency with real-time data access, documentation, and transmission.

It helps in decreasing user errors through in-view instruction.

It reduces travel cost and also the resolution time with live remote supervision.

It helps in improving efficiency while increasing the speed of delivering.

Our Team’s Success

Awards for Our Excellent Work
all Around the World

Consagous continues to receive industry accolades, in 2018 and 2019, it featured as a top mobile app development company in the USA and India by Clutch, Good firms and Appfutura. The success journey of Consagous has featured in various entrepreneurs magazines.

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