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Future of online store (eCommerce) development

online store development

Future of online store (eCommerce) development

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Trends are continuously changing in Online store (eCommerce). whereas this is often an excellent issue, it additionally presents a challenge.Changing technology will improve and impress, that is why ecommerce store getting so much attention.In 2016 i think it should be the best business to get success in investing your little time.

2016 is quick approaching and is being touted because the year which is able to witness the emergence of a number of latest trends in ecommerce, additionally as expertise the impact of these that created waves in 2015.

According to Forrester, customers can pay US$327-billion annually on online shopping searching by 2016.




The Rise and the impact of mobile shopping

In today’s day and age, mobile phones are necessity. Over the previous couple of years, mobile phones have seen a surge in their use, with  not only to speak or text, however constantly using them for buying new things, shoping.

Multiple channels for shopping

Taking a cue from the above point, another device that is growing in popularity among online shoppers is the tablet. Gone are the days when people used only desktop computers and laptops to make online purchases. Apart from using mobile phones, they’re also using tablets. In fact, phones are increasingly becoming phablets i.e. phone and tablet amalgam, thanks to their ever-increasing screen size.

Automation in marketing

When it comes to marketing automation in online stores, the scope includes not just good old’ email marketing, but extends to customised landing pages, tailor-made discounts and promotions, easily-accessible shopping carts, and automatic display of related recommended products for customers.

Better shipping

For most ecommerce retailers, shipping options are just starting to evolve. It was only during 2013 that a lot of delivery services started to offer same-day delivery. The concept of ‘crowdsourced deliverers’ came up as well, with the larger retailers experimenting with drone delivery services.

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