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Great Opportunities In Android Application Development

Android Application Development

Great Opportunities In Android Application Development

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Android app development has come an extended approach since its initial entry into the market. Its look dates back to 2008 once Google sold the primary Smartphone running their android OS. At that time, android developers decided to pursue a unique design route from their direct competition, Apples iOS.

Android choose to embrace the concept of a flexible and customizable platform that will attract android app developers within the future. That move seems to have paid off as these days, there are over 700 000 android applications which are downloaded by over twenty five billion individuals around the world. But, why are android apps so popular? Below we tend to take a closer look.

A Platform for everybody

Android is that the largest install base of any mobile platform and it’s growing quick. The many scores of mobile phones powered by android provide users a multitude of applications for personal and business use. for personal use, android devices provide a range of apps that help in everyday tasks, games to stay users entertained, and an array of digital content. The android app development platform   offers enterprises the possibility of obtaining tailored applications that are specific to their structure purposes.

Open source

One of the most reasons behind android’s vast success is its openness as a platform. This feature offers a large advantage to each android users and app developers. Google Play is the premier market place for android developers to distribute and sell their apps. Anyone with an excellent app will publish it on Google play and instantly reach the many android users.

Google play offers app developers complete management on a way to sell their applications. App developers will publish their apps whenever they need, to the customers they’re targeting, and as usually as they want. in addition, app developers have the posh of choosing to distribute their apps broadly to all or any markets and devices, or target certain devices and segments. Also, since android is an open source platform, this helps developers to considerably cut down on development costs.

Powerful Development Framework

Android includes a power-packed OS that gives an excellent base to the world of applications. App developers love to work with android because it offers them a single and unique application model that lets them deploy their apps to   millions of users across a large range of devices.

In addition to it, android offers a great application development tools that enable creation of wonderful apps, which take full advantage of the hardware capabilities offered on each android powered device. The android Developer Tools   offer a full Java Integrated Development environment (IDE), a programing language with advanced features for developing, debugging, and packaging apps. The powerful development framework of android allows it to adapt automatically to the UI ( user interface) of various device types. This feature allows android apps to look their best on any device whereas at a similar time offers users full control of their UI.

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