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How to Grow Your Games Business on Google Play

grow games business Google Play

How to Grow Your Games Business on Google Play

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With mobile gamers across a hundred ninety countries, Google Play Games is created from a vivacious and various recreation community. And these players square measure a lot of engaged than ever. Over the past year,the quantity of games reaching over one million installs grew by fifty %.


Today, at our annual Developer Day at the sport Developers Conference, we have a tendency to declared new platform and ads tools for developers, of all sizes reach, to succeed in this world audience and accelerate the expansion of their games business. Look into below the complete vary of options which will facilitate game developers build their apps, grow their user base, and earn a lot of revenue.



Making Google Play Games Higher For Players


In Feb, we have a tendency to introduced Gamer IDs in order that anyone may produce a recreation persona. we have a tendency to conjointly simplified the sign-in method for Google Play Games thus players may acquiretaking part in their game a lot of quickly. We’re conjointly functioning on product enhancements to form Play Games alittle a lot of social and fun, which can mean a lot of engaged players who’re taking part in your game for extended. One example is that the launch of Gamer friends (coming soon!), wherever your players will add and actwith their friends from at intervals the Google Play Games app (without needing a Google+ account).


We’re as well launching the Indie Corner, a brand new accumulation on Google Play, that may highlight wonderful games designed by indie developers. You’ll nominate your amazing indie game for inclusion at g.co/indiecornersubmission. We’ll choose the most effective games to showcase depend on the standard of the expertise and exemplary use of Google Play game services.



Grow Your Game with Powerful New Features From Google Play game Services


In January, we added characteristics to Player Analytics, the free reportage tool of Google Play game services, that helps you perceive however players are progressing, delay and churning. Today, we previewed some coming new tools that might be extant within the coming months, including:



  • Game Parameters Management:


With game parameters management, you’ll be ready to update gameplay and game economy parameters without the necessity for APK changes or resubmitting your app. You’ll be ready to optimize virtual cargo and currencies from the Developer Console or the Google Play Developer API.



  • Video Recording API:


You’ll be ready to simply add video recording to your app and let users share their videos with their friends and on YouTube in a few easy steps. We also are adding live streaming practicality to permit your fans to broadcast their gameplay experiences in real time on YouTube.



  • Predictive Analytics:


The Player Stats API currently has conjecturing Analytics to assist you identify that teams of players are probably to pay or churn, and we are adding new predictions for a way a lot of a player is likely to pay within thirty days and also the chance that a player may be a high spender. this permits you to tailor experiences for these players to do to extend their pay or engagement.


Player Stats API.

“Not showing ads to users that were probable to spend increased  variety of IAP transactions by 15 august 1945.” – Avetis Zakharyan, CEO Underwater Apps



New ad Formats and Targeting to Search Out, Keep and Mint High-Quality Gamers


Promoting your game and growing your audience is very important, however it’s even as necessary to succeed in the proper audience for your game, the players who need to open the sport once more and more. That’s why nowadays we’ve unveiled  new characteristics that build it easier to succeed in the correct audience at scale.



  • Search Trial Run Ads:


Within the next few weeks, we’ll launch a brand new method for users to do your game out once they do a search for games on Google through a brand new ad format, Search trial run Ads. after knock “Try now”, a personal will play your game for up to ten minutes, and so transfer the sport in full if they select for. These ads can seem to smartphone users on WiFi. using this format, you’ll drive qualified users who are doubtless to remain engaged along with your game after install.



  • Portrait Video Ads:


Apart from eightieth of video ad views in mobile apps on the Google show Network are from devices clutched vertically, however usually these videos are created for landscape viewing. Over subsequent few weeks, we’re launching Portrait Video Ads for a full-screen, immersive portrait video expertise. Developers have seen important improvement in each click-through and conversion rates, leading to lower value per install and a lot of installs.



  • Active User Targeting For Games:


Within the coming weeks, we’re rolling out a brand new kind of targeting for android apps that permits you to indicate ads to users who have spent over 30 minutes playing games, or who have played a Google Play Games integrated game, within the last thirty days.



Earn a Lot of Revenue in Your Game with AdMob


AdMob helps game developers round the world maximize revenue through in-app advertising. At GDC, we as well declared a brand new way to assist you earn a lot of through AdMob Mediation. Rewarded advertising could be a well-liked kind of game monetisation — users are given the selection to interact with ads in exchange for an in-app reward. AdMob Mediation can modify you to simply monetize your apps with rewarded video ads from variety of ad suppliers. Supported networks and platforms encompass AdColony, AppLovin, Chartboost, Fyber, Upsight and Vungle, with a lot of being added  all the time.


You can learn a lot of regarding this, and every one our ads announcements on the within AdWords blog.


This is simply the beginning of what we’ve got planned for 2016. we hope you’ll build use of these tools to enhance your game, join your audience, and grow your business and revenue.

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