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Guerrilla Marketing Tips to Promote Your Local Mobile App

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Guerrilla Marketing Tips to Promote Your Local Mobile App

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The foremost question that strikes in our mind after completing the development part of a mobile app is how to promote it. And if there is a short budget, then it is difficult for the management team to design its promotion strategies.

In this article, we have mentioned some guerrilla marketing tips to promote mobile app among customers and hopefully they will drive downloads for your app to make it successful in Play store and App store.


Take advice from influencers

Reach out to them and pitch your idea, this is the best way of getting free feedback for your app.
They cover things that are happening in your locale, so you just have to get their attention. This is usually a free way to get a good community base built up for your app.
Open your email with something like “Hey, you are THE expert in ___, so I wanted to get your opinion on my new app.” Stroke their ego a bit, and then encourage them to try out the app and tell you what they like about it and what they’d prefer you add or change. You’ll get valuable feedback, and possibly even a write-up about your app


Leverage social media advertising

You may or may not already aware of this, but Facebook and Twitter are the best ways to promote your mobile app.Create your account for all the social media channels and interact your app’s users to get real insights. It will also assist you to bring lots of users through word-of-mouth.


Approach online and real-life communities

Many cities have online and off-online groups that you can approach for demonstrating your app. Only a few of them will welcome demos of latest apps, so be ready for professional presentation, and feedback from the attendees regarding your app.


You can find out these communities through websites. Searching for a meetup close to you that’s relevant to your mobile application could be a guerrilla promoting plan of action that might go a long way towards obtaining you the exposure you would like.


Take it to the streets

This is one of the best guerrilla marketing strategies but it takes time, therefore, your strategies must be sold as your time is a valuable resource. Look for the upcoming technical events related to your app, and show up with flyers.



These guerrilla promoting ways can assist you to generate downloads and improve your search rankings on the App Store or Google Play Store. It’s not possible to urge national coverage for regionalized apps; we’ve with success gotten region-specific apps coated, however, it’s rather more difficult.
The final piece of the puzzle is to form certain you don’t forget alternative promoting ways, particularly sensible App Store optimization practices. For a lot of concepts, look at our article on ways in which you’ll be able to get your app noticed.

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