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Care Coordination Solutions

Care Coordination Solutions

For resolving communication challenges and streamlining healthcare

For custom product development in the area of Patient Care Coordination/Coordinated Care Services, we create solutions that coordinate proactive care for improved diagnostic outcomes in line with focus of today’s healthcare providers. Our products advance care and empower consumers through workflow automation and optimization which in turn improve the quality of patient care services and bring down costs. With our solutions you can monitor patient progress more effectively, leverage health/clinic data, establish a regular dialogue with patients and form a network of clinicians/doctors.

Patient Care Coordination

Add and Manage Multiple Hospitals

Our Hospital Management System Software can be used for managing single or multiple hospitals, clinics or diagnostic centers entirely. It has been designed to manage and optimize any health facility and its branch’s administrative process with a centralized information system.

Puts in place a centralized and fully functional communications platform for syncing multiple facilities.

Add and Manage staff accounts

Easily manage medical staff accounts with detailed information in an organised format for easy tracking by the clinic admin or doctor in-charge. It handles records of various visiting doctors, the regular staff and ensures smooth communication between different departments.

Helps add, manage and monitor medical staff working across different departments or locations, for greater efficiency a hospital staff management software/feature is invaluable.

Patient and Staff Account Managment
Collaborating Physician with Forward Technologies

Doctor Management

Our software will transform the way your healthcare centre operates. It has modules that will empower doctors/medical staff to manage their day-to-day administrative tasks saving time, money and energy and focusing on their primary objective of providing quality medical care.

Doctors save time by automating daily administrative tasks resulting in optimal management of their facilities.

Manage Patients Records

We facilitate the creation of complete patient records by linking healthcare data from all available health care settings into a centralised clinical data repository. This aids in maintaining, referring and retrieving records of various patients in no time.

Electronic Medical Records containing patient records aid towards better management of a patient’s entire care experience.

Medical Care and Manage Patients Records
Coordination Health Care

Generate & Print Records

The software equips doctors, medical professionals and patients to print Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other kinds of Personal Health Records (PHR) with convenience and accuracy.

Easy generation of electronic patient records, monitoring and assessment reports in print with few clicks.

Generate & Print Patient’s Bill

Revenue cycle, generating and maintaining medical bills is eased with this feature for both, healthcare provider and receiver. The billing facility brings in transparency, prevents revenue leakage and is capable of handling large number of patients efficiently.

Online invoicing and billing system that can manage multiple patient statements, claims and cases.

Physician Collaborating
Patients’ Diagnosis Report Management

Patients’ Diagnosis Report Management

Patient data is managed with due efficiency and security through our Hospital Management Software (HMS) without the need for constant reviews and manual organization of paper files. It organizes in-patient details and ongoing treatment processes.

The built-in test report templates organise and maintain patient history for easy references and future use.

Patients’ Checkup History Report

Our health record system for patients, doctors and labs ensures better patient experience with modules on OPD (outpatient department) like number of walk-ins and patient’s history, pathology, microbiology, appointments and uploads from labs and doctors.

Patient information such as checkup history, reports and examination results are fed into a patient monitoring feature/system that helps draw quick reports in print when needed.

Patient Care and Checkup History Report
Coordinated Care Services

Finance Management

Our time-saving, reliable healthcare financial software eliminates inaccuracy by automating day-to-day accounting and financial events. The robust billing module integrates billing seamlessly across all collection centres.

Maintains the practice’s entire accounting activities like expenses, incomes, purchases, etc while maintaining complete user data security and without the need of double data entry for report creation.

Medicine Management

With our closed loop medication management, the prescription, dispensing and administration of medicines is streamlined through one platform. The feature of pharmacy management helps track the entire stock of medicines.

Helps in managing drug distribution, stock management or monitoring administrative functions of a pharmacy inside a health facility. Prevents wrong medicine distribution.

Medical Care Coordination
Medical Care Coordination and Bed Allocation

Bed Allocation Management

This feature helps ward staff manage patient traffic and bed allocation within a health facility by keeping track of number of inpatients and outpatients single handedly. It also allows taking a backup of patient data.

Enables accurate allocation of beds for emergency cases with an electronic record of admit history at hand and helps ward staff better manage the patient traffic.

User Profile Management

Our medical practice management software is highly distinguished for its ease of use by any medical professional anytime and anywhere with complete user profile management. Our solutions are designed to improve productivity and simplify operations.

Our Hospital Management Software is like a notice board for all users of the health facility and is a system for managing all departments, nurse accounts, doctor accounts, patient accounts, pharmacist and accountant accounts with the provision of creating a backup and restoring data.

Collaborating Physician and User Profile Managment

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