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Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient Engagement Solutions

Empowering patients to take control of their health

For custom product development in the area of patient engagement, we go beyond the examination room by using electronic health information for facilitating effective interactions between the physicians and patients; using the best in patient engagement technology. We create under Patient Engagement in Healthcare on grounds of equipping your patients with control over their health, and your practice with the right solutions that dispense health information.

Our solutions lead to higher levels of patient satisfaction by keeping them in complete awareness of all aspects of the healthcare system supporting them.

Patient Engagement in Healthcare

Health history submission

In order to provide the best wellness care, clinicians and health facilities seek health histories of patients through online platforms and maintain them through softwares that allow easy and secure documentation without slowing down the process.

Gives patients easy access to their own health information, along with engaging them in keeping it accurate, updated and complete.

Bill payment

We create solutions that ease medical billing and smoothen out the revenue cycle. Our products are in line with the evolving nature of healthcare keeping your returns organised with our Revenue Cycle Management services.

All transactions are completed efficiently and securely to help doctors focus on patients and the patients get to pay their bills anytime, anywhere.

Easy Bill Payment with Patient Engagement
Patient Appointment Reminders Technology

Appointment reminders

Our fully automated and integrated software provides real-time confirmations, follow-up texts/emails/voice calls and scheduled reminders to patients based upon booked appointments in a clinic’s/doctor’s Electronic Health Records software (EHR).

Offers a simple and effective way to engage with patients and send appointment reminders, payment reminders, recalls and much more.

Automated lab results

With our fully integrated software you as a physician can deliver automated lab results to your patients through an EHR software. Once the test results arrive, are reviewed and documented, the software automatically notifies patients through text, email or voice.

Reduces the waiting time on patient’s end giving instant online access when the lab results become available.

Automated Healthcare Lab Results
Patient Engagement and Record Viewing

Health record viewing

Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management software syncs healthcare, financial and analytics technology with customised features for healthcare providers to maintain records, generate bills and reports in the manner most convenient to them, which can also be viewed by the patient.

This gives patients a greater chance of becoming more involved with their health progress and prevent unrequired hospital stays.

Appointment scheduling

The appointment scheduling software from Consagous for doctors allows timeless scheduling and amplifies productivity. With multiple functionalities through one platform, our software is a cure for all appointment booking woes.

An indispensable option for patients to schedule appointments online whenever they want to, keeping themselves and the healthcare provider on the same page.

patient engagement and Appointment Scheduling
Secure Messaging with patient Engagement

Secure messaging and video session

To advance person-centered health, our products ensure secure communication routes for both doctor and the patient. The secure messaging and video session helps healthcare providers and support staff (among themselves and) to communicate with patients and address diagnostic concerns or reviews.

Helps patients submit their queries easily via a patient portal to which a doctor can respond when he/she can attend to it.

Task Management

As doctors adopt technology and become conversant with patient engagement softwares, the overall efficiency is advanced by great leaps. Task management becomes seamless, care delivery improves, revenues scale and best healthcare practices are leveraged.

Secures a practice’s future success by improving overall patient engagement especially when patients are vying for more online accessibility to their healthcare providers.

patient engagement technology

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