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Changing the way you provide healthcare

For custom product development in the telemedicine/telehealth/eHealth sector, we push the boundaries of telehealth technology for health consultants, physicians and other healthcare professionals to provide remote services, in the smoothest way possible.

Our telemedicine solutions are cloud based, 100% secure and HIPAA compliant with intuitive design and minimal set-up. We design products for every category of a telemedicine system, viz., Remote Patient Monitoring, Store-and-Forward Telemedicine and Real-time Telemedicine.

Video Conferencing with Telehealth Technology

Real-time Video Conferencing

With the use of video conferencing software or app, communication can directly take place between the patient and doctor or between a specialist and an attending physician; whatever arrangement the situation demands in terms of diagnosis or treatment, video conferencing/virtual visitation can facilitate it.

Enables remote patient monitoring which can also be life saving in urgent diagnostic instances and reduces travel costs for both patient and doctor.

Chat Function

Chat feature allows users, patients, nurses and doctors to get medical advice at their own convenience. A secure and HIPAA-compliant chat is crucial to sharing patient health information. The patient can also send images of the condition to the healthcare practitioner via the chat.

Facilitates immediate and easy access to a healthcare provider and improves overall coordination.

Chat Function in Telehealth Technology
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Store-and-forward Technology

This allows expedited electronic transmission of medical information like prescriptions, images, X-ray reports, MRIs, video-exam clips, etc, to and fro between the doctor and the patient through a secure route which could either be via email or any other platform.

Enhances timeliness of treatment and encourages patients to see proactive care.


This refers to electronic prescribing which is quick to generate, easy-to-use, prevents medical errors and is completely secure. All one needs is an internet connection to access their ePrescription. Health facilities and organisations who e-prescribe have seen a dip in errors, fraud and a rise in efficiency.

Potential benefits extend to pharmacies, payers and prescribers by prevention of prescription drug errors, leading to patient safety and cost savings.

Telemedicine ePrescription System
Telemedicine System with EMR

EMR Integration

By linking clinical data with IT solutions, patient care, clinician productivity and other miscellaneous tasks are optimised. Electronic Medical Records integration will allow you to use functionally rich applications that address workflow needs and make it easier for doctors to coordinate care.

Helps access patient records and miscellaneous medical records remotely.

Integrated Billing

This includes a billing system which lets healthcare providers charge and collect payments from patients for remote consultations/visits along with the provision of filing a claim within the framework of the installed telehealth system.

Helps patients make secure payments from the comfort of their homes and the doctors can process revenue statements and handle claims with great ease.

Telemedicine Solutions of Integrated Billing
Telemedicine System

Medical device integration

This allows syncing patient medical data on telemedicine platforms with mobile medical devices. This feature is a big aid for remote patient monitoring platforms that track patient data and communicate it to the provider remotely.

Facilitates an ‘open systems’ approach where third party devices can be integrated to access precise healthcare data.

Reporting and Analytics

This feature in a telehealth platform keeps track of how many remote visits a provider has rendered, number of patients attended to, patient feedback, etc, helping in statistical analysis. Tracking and reporting telehealth data using graphs and visuals eases managerial operations and helps draw extractable reports.

It gives you the ability to organise and review complex health information on the virtual care platform with a wide variety of metrics.

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Session Recording

Facilitates telehealth session/consultations recording for future references for the convenience of both, the doctor and patient who can draw summaries and take the treatment or diagnosis forward from there and at their convenience.

All sessions are recorded for future reference and the consultation summary is automatically shared with the patient at the end of a session.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Through this function, patients can easily book appointments online by finding doctors on the basis of availability, verified doctor reviews and ratings by real patients. Patients can view a doctor’s real-time availability and self-book their own appointments by paying online and rescheduling with a click.

Gives patients the ease of paying online and booking telehealth appointments from the ease of their home.

Online Appoinment in Telehealth Technology
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Exportable Patient Information

Automated or manual exporting of patient data in a seamless manner into compatible formats for easy scanning/reading. Our telehealth system has an interactive dashboard that enables the extraction of patient information in desired formats. This eliminates the tedious manual exporting of data.

Simplifies data collection which can be easily exported to core EMR.

Pharmacy Market Place

An e-pharmacy provides easy availability of original medicines and treatment therapies to populations residing in the remotest regions of any country; they are a boon for governments around the world to make quality medications accessible to all at affordable rates. An online pharmacy market place bridges the distance people have to cover in order to get medicines with a mere finger click.

Improves access, medication safety and medication compliance.

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