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Hire Consagous, top app development company in Austin, Texas

Consagous is a progressive and productive Austin, Texas-based app development company. We have evolved with the IT industry for a decade now. Our extraordinary team of Android, iPhone app developers, based in Texas area, has successfully designed and launched sophisticated, affordable mobile applications for business of all sizes in various domains like healthcare, logistics, banking, financial markets, electronics to name a few. We have also worked with media companies, government agencies, professional associations, nonprofits, marketing, advertising firms, individual entrepreneurs, and innovative startups. For anyone seeking an app development company for bringing life to ideas drawn on paper, you have just encountered the right tech partner to tie knots with, we provide the full range of today’s most important technology services:

Every day we are bringing more passion, expertise, and innovation to mobile application development in Texas. Being home to brilliant minds, we have catered bespoke app solutions to an extensive range of industries.
Entrust your idea for Mobile Applications to App developers from Austin and let us digitize your products and services. We have an exceptional team of individuals who can design and develop digital products including mobile apps, websites and web applications. We have been at forefront of delivering sound and scalable enterprise mobile apps to our local clients. The two cornerstones upon which successful apps are built are user-centered interaction design and scalable architecture, whether a B2C or a B2B project or a startup understanding user needs are our first priority.

Our Texas Office

119 Nueces St,
Austin, Texas, 78701
Contact : +1 312 724 5816

Our approach to app development

Consagous has a systematic approach to create mobile apps on a wide range of platforms. Before the inception of development, we formulate strategy, system architecture, design, workflow, cost analysis and optimization. We are not limited to developing mobile apps, we also provide an end-to-end solution including strategy, design, development, deployment, and marketing.

Consagous uses both predictive and adaptive development methodologies, as per the requirement of both project and respective client. Our experienced team of app developers employs industry-best standards to ensure quality and affordability, and swiftly move your project forward through key stages:

  • Definition of UI & UX Requirements
  • Definition of UI & UX Requirements
  • Wireframing and Visual Design
  • Development and Testing
  • Beta Launch and Testing
  • Implementation or App Store Submission
  • Post-Production Support
  • Our-App-Development-Process

    Quality Assurance

    We understand that speed and quality is the key. So, we emphasize on the pace of the progress through various milestones and our team is efficient in optimizing the development lifecycle.
    To provide the clients with desired and better apps, we work closely with clients for their feedback. We ensure the future scalability of the apps so that they can accommodate additional features upon requirement.

    Security Comes First

    Building secure mobile apps prevent significant business information and user data from fraud which is why user’s privacy is our priority. We employ several data security measures like AES encryption, PCI DSS Compliance, and other network security methods. For smooth interoperability, we integrate enterprise data stored in SAP, Oracle, IBM and Cloud Database into mobile apps securely for saving the clients from data loss which in turn help them to cut zero hours.
    If you need mobile or web app development services in Austin, Texas, you owe it to yourself to contact us.

    Why is Consagous the best Mobile Application Development company in Austin, Texas?

    Full Compatibility Support:

    We develop bespoke mobile and web apps which are responsive to various devices and also compatible with multiple platforms at once.

    Cost-effective Solution:

    Over the years, we have devised a time-efficient approach to code mobile and web apps in a cost-effective way to enhance the ROI of the clients.

    Streamline App Marketing:

    Our expertise in marketing an app to the extent that it goes viral in the market makes us stand out as application developers with the forward integration of operations. We cover you from end-to-end. Hire our marketing experts to reach your target audience and let us help you in generating revenue in minimum time.

    Value for the Money:

    Our team deploys a prolific approach and feature-rich technology that can automatically reduce the cost of development and ensure a better return on investment.

    Responsive Support:

    Deep empathy with clients keeps us always available to hear from the clients in order to handle their query and solve the problem. Our BA team, Tech lead, and Project Managers personally deal with clients and are very good at getting the queries solved.

    App Development on various platforms

    iOS App Development:

    iPhone application development is in the spotlight over the years in Consagous. Apple has set new standards with iOS 11 and with new advancements our development team has evolved to build iOS apps as per new standards and launch them successfully in the App Store.

    Consagous is at the vanguard of IT trends, implementing the modern libraries, such as Alamofire, RxSwift, PromiseKit, CocoaLumberjack, Mantle, and Core Data, Home Kit, and Core Spotlight. Our app developers ensure that users get to use all the smart features announced by Apple which in turn improve the user satisfaction.

    Android App Development:

    Android OS is the sound platform for businesses, reaching out to the massive chunk of buyers. Our Android app developers are creating fast and engaging apps implemented with privacy measures, battery life saving and a great UI. Having an avid understanding of the user preferences we work extensively to provide the clients with creative and innovative digital solutions for the Android Market.

    Hybrid App Development:

    In order to deliver customized hybrid mobile application, we explore the innovations in bespoke hybrid mobile app development and offer sure shot IT solutions that can reinforce the business boundaries. We have a team of top Hybrid Mobile App Developers with years of experience which are dedicated to delivering the high quality hybrid mobile application solutions within budget frames.

    We work as a catalyst to help organizations in generating maximum ROI and aids our clients to monetize their product/services through mobile app quickly.

    Apart from the development part, we also pay attention to the aesthetics of the app. We design spontaneous, elegant and engaging UI for all platforms, as per the latest trends in the given industry.

    Our Clients



    Consagous, our project IT Service provider demonstrated a great deal of dedication and solid communication that stands out. Dedication and good communication is what sets them apart from the crowd. They helped us focus on growing our market and handled Tech Part.
    Ahmed El Badri
    CEO / Go For Rewards DMCC
    The best i have worked with on scriptlance so far, I would give them an A+
    Rotimi Omotunwase
    Founder / Fusionplus Television - fusionplustv.com
    The one member who dealt with me at the end did was very quick and catered to my specific needs, without any problems. Good communication and perfect delivery, 10/10.
    Cecilia Hanif
    Owner/CTO / i5marketing
    Their Magento resources are all certified and competent.
    Doug Henningsen
    President / True Transport Inc.
    Great programmer to work with! Very prompt and very professional. I would use them again.
    David Gyurits
    Regional Sales Manager / Mortgage Alliance
    GREAT experience with Consagous. Elegant quality work, good communication with a variety of services. I would highly recommend them.
    Aaron Kotasi
    CEO / Kowolar Solutions
    Their Magento resources are all certified and competent.
    Stanley Norris
    Founder and Director / Wowbeing - Holistic Lifestyle Solution
    They’ve done a great job. That’s why I plan on continuing to work with them.
    Christopher Lang
    Co-Founder / Creative Director / Optimize Business Solutions
    If anybody asks me how to do remote management, I always recommend Consagous and nobody else.
    Jitu Telang
    CTO / Loyakk Inc
    We chose Consagous because of its reputation for top-notch quality work along with finding a reliable tech partner in them to clean up our code. Clear milestones and project specifications along with timely results set Consagous apart from other firms in this area. Partnering with them has allowed us to promptly meet our market’s needs as we move swiftly from one project objective to another.
    Sean Cooper
    CEO / Purposs

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