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How to Build Cross Platform Desktop Apps with Web Technologies

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How to Build Cross Platform Desktop Apps with Web Technologies

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Web Technologies ?


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is the Base language of any web page. Html tells browser what to display. Html meant to display the content. Html5 has more cool features like canvas, svg, Video and audio and many more..

2. CSS

CSS stands for cascading style sheets. Cascading style sheets gives you the ability to change the All over Appearance of webpage or application. Using CSS, You can also do more advance interactive stuff  like animation, rounded corners , shadows, image effects, filter effects etc.
With css you can make a responsive applications or webpages that can almost runs on all devices or screen sizes.
CSS can be used similar to FrontPage Themes.

3. Javascript (Jscript/ECMAScript)

JavaScript was introduced in 1995 as a way to add programs to web pages in the Netscape Navigator browser. The language has since been adopted by all other major graphical web browsers. It has made modern web applications possible—applications with which you can interact directly, without doing a page reload for every action. But it is also used in more traditional websites to provide various forms of interactivity and cleverness.

Let look at the Electron ( a javascript framework ) for building desktop application

With Electron, We can create a desktop application for your company or idea is easy. There are many popular application already developed with electrol like GitHub’s Atom editor, Electron also used by companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Slack, and Docker.

Electron Github Repository



Learn more about electron …
Here’s its official website :  Electron Quick Start ! Have fun

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