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How to Decide If Your Business Really Needs a Mobile Application

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How to Decide If Your Business Really Needs a Mobile Application

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In the digital era, a mobile presence is most important for businesses to draw in, retain and communicate with customers.

With such a big amount of consumers currently using their mobile devices to act with businesses, it’s imperative that companies are properly started to fulfill customers’ needs. The questions many business owners raise once deciding whether or not to go mobile is whether to create a well dedicated Application for their brand or develop a web site that’s mobile-friendly.

Consagous outlines 5 steps to take when selecting which way to go:

1. Unless the product uses a phone feature — like the accelerometer, GPS, contacts or push notifications — then you do not essentially need a mobile Application.

2. If a business is determined to require advantage of the phone’s capabilities, then it should consider its audience once designing a mobile Application. If a business’s budget is restricted, it’s going to need to select only one platform, like iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry. This would possibly need some market research regarding which devices a business’s customers generally own. There are some tools, like PhoneGap, that enable businesses to develop for multiple platforms at once, however there are trade-offs with those.

3. Organizations that decide they do not absolutely would like the phone’s features will design a responsive web site, which could be a type of web design that adjusts however it’s based on the device — mobile, tablet or PC — on which it’s accessed. Nowadays, investing in a web expertise that won’t responsive is probably a waste of money, as a result of most sites have a big mobile audience.

4. once coming up with a responsive web site, it’s necessary to deside your battles. it’s difficult to imagine each possible scenario, and be ready for the website to appear awkward on some devices. Again, do your analysis to search out out which devices customers will use to access your website.

5. Ensure the group coming up with the responsive site or Application has experience in that particular area. At a high level, mobile devices are regarding your massive thumb and massive buttons. A mouse is accurate, whereas thumbs aren’t. Mobile sites should be tidy, which means avoiding features like big company logos.

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