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How To Market Your Mobile App On A Shoestring

Market Mobile App Shoestring

How To Market Your Mobile App On A Shoestring

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Marketing an app begins before you’re even finished planning it. Why is that? as a result of it’s a cut throat market out there and if you do not directly begin, then you’re going to be ignored within the cold. Marketing needs to begin as soon as you begin creating your dream a reality and putting the app into production.


Today, I’m going to offer you some sound, sense marketing methods which will enable you to urge an edge on your competition however won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Follow the methods in “How to promote an App on a Shoestring” and you’ll rest assured that you will be comfortable than once you began. However, there’s one issue that i actually got to impress upon you before we start.



Design Your Press Kit


One of the primary stuff you ought to do is to urge your press kit so as. A solid press kit ought to embrace info concerning the matter the app is addressing with an honest quantity of detail, however not enough to provide the app away for nothing. A number of the main elements of your press kit ought to be a high-res brand, a handout, a teaser video, a micro-site, associate degree app icon, sample style screens and a fun, informative or moving story of however your app was created.



Build A Micro-Site With Pop


The next factor you will need to do is to create a micro-site. This can be a 2 to four page web site that gathers all the data concerning your app. This micro-site are used to generate traffic for you, thus ensure that it’s professional and is tidy. Whereas most of your app downloads can return primarily through the app stores themselves, do not discount the worth of internet traffic. Once planning your micro-site, ensure that it hooks your customer’s attention in real time.



Create A Teaser Campaign


Another valuable lesson in our guide on a way to market an app is to develop a teaser campaign. you’ll do that right your micro-site by inviting individuals to share their email address to remain updated once your app launches. Not solely that, however you’ll also produce a video that may hook the customers, while not giving away very important details concerning your app.



Doesn’t Let Your Content Get Stale


One of the worst stuff you will do whereas you are promoting your app is letting customers (or search engines for that matter) suppose that your content is out of date. That’s why I recommend making a web log. you’ll link this web log to your micro-site and keep customers aware of the progress of your app. this cannot solely build interest at intervals your client base, however it’ll still get indexed by Google.



Start The Hype Machine


Once you have your app designed and are able to launch, then you’re able to go in the foremost exciting a part of a way to market an app. One that needs that you just build a bit little bit of hype around your app. you’ll do that by getting into bit with numerous tech blogs and magazines. do that by hand – which might be tedious just because of the sheer range of them that exist out there – otherwise you can use Pitch pigeon to handle your launch email for you.



Gather Customer Feedback


As we move toward the top of our a way to Market an App On A Shoestring article, I’d wish to offer you some recommendation that I have found to be deeply useful. As you’re promoting your app, certify that you just raise your customers for feedback. That is as a result of the higher your app’s ratings are in the app store, the a lot of possible it’s to be downloaded. Therefore, you must raise feedback through your app. this can permit you to solicit positive ratings for your app, and more significantly, handle feedback.

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