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How to Start making an android mobile application even if you are a newbie

android mobile application

How to Start making an android mobile application even if you are a newbie

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Developing an android app on your own is less complicated than it’s ever been, and if you’ve got a great idea for an app you should start. this can be a awfully profitable venture and lots of non-programmer app developers have made it numerous. the best factor concerning it: it’s free. All you would like could be a unique idea with some ability and you will get on your way. Here’s all the information on a way to start on building a great android app.

The app development game has changed

Creating an app used to be very difficult and was left to professionals who understood secret writing. With changes in app creation technology, booming laymen developers are popping up at the top of Google Play.

If it’s possible for a non-coder to create an app so massively popular, then making one that’s properly common should be simple. you just need to have the proper combination of smart} idea and good execution of app development.

The first step is great planning

Before you start, extremely do your research. plan out what reasonably app yours are going to be. If you develop one thing that you just later can’t use, you will have wasted it slow. confirm you look around at what’s out there. you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

It might be a good idea to do some preliminary sketches to provide yourself an idea of what your app can look like. you’ll even run it by a trusted friend or loved one to see if they like it.

If you are getting into a distinct segment market, make sure it’s not too overcrowded. If you are designing on competing with a number of the well-known apps, you need to possess an app that performs higher or will one thing the others don’t.

Get started Android Application Development

Download and install the mandatory software package

If you want to create an app and you don’t have secret writing experience, you need to download android Studio. Before you put in it, make sure you’ve got Java SE Development Kit 7. both are free. You then ought to install android Studio from your downloads folder. When it’s done you ought to have a launch screen that appears just like the one below.


Do a take a look at run

Just to induce you started, we square measure attending to design a very straightforward app. Once you are finished this, you’ll see how user-friendly android Studio is and hopefully persist to form a winning app.

Define the parameters of your app

Once you hit begin a brand new android Studio project you’ll get a bunch of various choices, but with smart coming up with these can extremely backup themselves. you set the name of your app in, then begin building it. If you haven’t thought of a reputation you may wish to go back a step and make sure you planned tolerably.

If you double-geared your app towards smartphone users, you simply need to click the smartphone/tablet user box. There are others, except for your 1st project you may wish to think about attempting this feature. we’ll use this for the example.

Afterwards, you would like to decide on what mode you wish the app to perform in. during this case, select fullscreen.


Time to begin designing

Delete ‘Dummy Content’ and ‘Dummy Button’ by right-clicking on them and touch delete. place a pleasant message concerning your app within the middle of the smartphone by clicking on giant Text under the appliance section in Palette. A text ought to appear within the middle of the screen. you’ll be able to modification this text by clicking in it.

Now we’ll add a button. Click on Button beneath Widgets, drag it into the smartphone beneath the text and name it.

Let’s add one or two more functions. In Widgets, drag the Radio button into the higher right hand corner of the smartphone. Keep scrolling down Palette till you hit Date & Time and drag a clock into the upper left corner of the smartphone. Your design ought to seem like the smartphone below.

Add a lot of and let it rip

Go ahead and play with a number of the functions on android Studio. Add belongings you think are enthralling and modify them to your feeling.

Once you’re done, you’ll be able to click on the Run button. it is the green triangular formed button at the top-middle of your screen.

Now you would like to go back and alter it to match your app. you ought to additionally add within the functions. For in-depth designing of your app, look at the android Studio Guide. Have you created an android app before? allow us to grasp within the comments below.

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