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How to Validate your New Unique Mobile App Idea

Unique Mobile App Idea

How to Validate your New Unique Mobile App Idea

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If you’re reading this blog you are most likely an Appreneur and you have got an excellent mobile app idea that you think that has immense potential. You have already identified a problem and are aiming to solve it by developing a mobile app. Read on to learn however you’ll validate your mobile app idea without breaking the bank.


It’s no secret that there are immense profits to build commercialism apps to huge businesses and a few lucky few created billions of bucks building mobile apps and commercialism them to huge companies.


But however smart is your app idea? are you able to scale your app and acquire numerous users? does one assume users are willing to interact together with your app on a everyday and build it a part of their daily lives? What regarding user feedback? will you get early user feedback so you’ll check your idea without investment tens if not hundreds of thousands of bucks developing a full product?


Fortunately, you can merely check your app idea with the subsequent steps while not the necessity to take a position massive chunks of cash into a totally practical product that customers don’t need and want.


Here is how you will validate your app idea and see if you can generate interest in your idea/product, get early users to sign up, get feedback and figure out your lead costs.


Bonus: You can additionally use all these findings to induce funding. Once you have enough data to point out investors that your mobile app plan is valid and users have an interest, it’s a lot easier to induce funding since you may have some helpful information to back your app plan up.


Market Research – Google:


Have you ever heard of Google Keyword planner? A free keyword search and traffic calculator tool from Google. You can realize the demand for your niche and keywords by merely searching them in Google keyword tool. You should begin with planning your high keywords you would like to focus on, then search those terms in Google Keyword Planner to see monthly search volumes and traffic estimates. This will provide you with the typical number of monthly searches for your target keywords regionally or globally. This is a good indicator of demand.


You can additionally use Google to check if there’s competition in your area and if your app plan is already taken.


Google Keyword Planner


MVP (Minimum Viable product):


“Market research and business coming up with are overrated. The best marketing research is putting a product out and seeing if individuals can buy it. The best business plan is to make something great and sell it quick.”


Obviously, business plans and marketing are still a terribly vital a part of businesses and that we don’t advise ditching all of them along however the most effective way to check your app idea is to get early users to sign-up and begin exploitation your product. How do you get early user feedback and check the market while not investment lots of cash and build an app individuals don’t need and need? the solution is MVP (Minimum Viable Product).


Wikipedia describes MVP as “A minimum viable product has simply those core options that permit the product to be deployed, and no more.”


“The minimum viable product (MVP) is a product which has simply enough options that it may doubtless be sold-out. It is the sweet spot between product while not the desired options that fail immediately once shipped and products with a lot of options that increase costs and risk within the case wherever the product fails, for example as a result of incorrect assumptions.”


MVP is a good way to check the waters of your market to examine if users are very fascinated by your plan. It also permits you early on to check if folks are willing to register and use your product. In short MVP prevents you from taking huge risks and investment lots of cash to a concept which may not generate interest.


We advise you to build a straightforward, stripped down version of your idea with solely the core options needed to launch, basically a fast image with the minimum options attainable to check your hypothesis.


This is the simplest, quickest and least expensive means to validate your app plan while not taking lots of risks. If your MVP generates a heap of interest and  scaling up you’ll invariably invest extra money and start adding new options and sprucing up your app.



Landing Page:


You don’t have your product yet, you don’t even have an player however you need to come up with interest and new users?


Simple promotional landing pages are the best way to get users to sign-up. Your landing page doesn’t have to be complicated. It will be as straightforward as a one-page sign-up kind with data regarding your app wherever users can quickly register with their email addresses reciprocally for offers, news, launch dates and updates.


This is good way to see if people are literally fascinated by your app plan. These early sign-up numbers can conjointly assist you predict what percentage users you’ll generate after you launch your app.


MyPanditG Landing Page


You can do that by making a straightforward sign in kind on a landing page, ask folks to sign up and so promise them to send updates on the app launch dates and/or early bird offers.


Once you launch your app, these registered users are a lot of possible to transfer your app and be the early users.



Paid Ad Campaigns:


Now that you have your player and/or your landing page, it’s time to put it out there ahead of users. You can use Google ads, paid Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram campaigns to promote your idea. Simply direct these ads to your sign up kind or app transfer page and begin generating leads and sign-ups.


These campaigns will conjointly provide you with a concept regarding your lead prices. You can analyze your paid campaign results to set up your selling budget and work out what quantity you must invest in paid channels to come up with the specified range of users.



Email Campaigns – CRM Integration


CRM integration is a good way to stay all of your users organized in one place, send out automated emails with offers, app updates and keep your users engaged and interest level high.


With a little little bit of programming, everything will be machine-driven and bound actions in your app can trigger bound emails. One example would be sending out an machine-driven welcome email to all or any users that sign in to your app for the primary time or providing facilitate and recommendation to users that are inactive and not participating together with your app.


With these simple steps, you should be able to get a feel of the market and acquire some early feedback to set up your future moves while not disbursement a fortune. You will even be armed with some numbers and statistics to boost a lot of funds and attract investors by showing them that there’s demand for your mobile app. Whatever you do, at the end of the day it’s all regarding building a product that your customers need.

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