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The indispensability of Mobile Applications for E-commerce

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The indispensability of Mobile Applications for E-commerce

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Consagous Technologies explains the necessity of mobile apps for the e-commerce market of today


In January 2017, India’s smartphone user base crossed 300 million opening umpteen opportunities for everyone within and outside the industry. It is a worldwide trend where the smartphone penetration is increasing across the world with more people glued to the screens in their hands.
And the e-commerce industry has not had a better time than today. Millions of brands are entering in new and emerging markets, international expansions are taking place increasingly and e-retail is the order of the day. In this scenario where a customer has limitless options to make his/her purchase or avail all kinds of services, how do you get them to stick with you or make a repeat purchase?


This is where the development of mobile applications comes in for e-commerce.


Yesterday belonged to websites, Today is ruled by Mobile Apps
Mobile is the leading digital platform with total activity on smartphones and tablets accounting for nearly 62-65% of digital media time spent and presently, apps represent majority of the digital media time at 54%.


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To be specific Mobile Apps are an absolute necessity for your e-commerce venture because…


1. Better shopping experience
The world moves at an incredibly fast pace and mobile apps make things more efficient and a lot more quicker. And majority of the consumer base is tech savvy and realizes the ease of shopping on an app which allows them to take an online shopping spree from any location, be it while waiting for a taxi, in an airport lounge or at a waiting room in a railway station.


2. Limitless creativity for your brand/firm
You don’t have to follow any branding rules or guidelines with an app, use any strategy or theme for enhancing your brand visibility. It can be informative, call to action or just a showcase, all up to you.


3. Collect customer feedback easily and instantly
E-commerce apps allow you to prod your customer into sharing his/her feedback instantly after making a purchase. No awkward conversations, just simple taps on the screen from the customer side will tell you how your services or products are. This data is immensely useful for performance mapping.


4. Allows maximum personalization
You can streamline your e-commerce business’ user experience without any distractions and talk about your product/service, accompanied with an aesthetically pleasing interface as per your brand vision and choice. Avoid unnecessary details and go straight for product promotion. Bespoke to the core, one of the biggest positives of a custom mobile app.


5. Track customer preferences with ease
You can keep track about the history and usage pattern of customers with the pointed data generated on a daily basis. And accordingly fine tune your promotions and other branding activities that influence purchase decisions.


With the digital mediums available today for finding, targeting and converting a market segment, these are very interesting times to start an e-commerce business, the accessibility has never been better. A custom mobile app will increase your chances of scaling up a lot more, by giving information the customer needs.


Consagous Technologies develops mobile applications for all leading platforms viz, iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. With all mobile app trends under the Consagous umbrella, you are ensured a seamless mobile application for your e-commerce business.

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