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Internet of Things

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Our approach is structured around the evolution of an IoT Services ecosystem which has revolutionized ways of doing business by connecting things, data, process, and people. Let us help you transform your business by IoTizing smart assets and make them interoperable for the collection of real-time data which will enable you to make informed decisions for your business.

We have a dedicated team of professionals for ideating, evaluating, developing, designing and deploying Internet of Things Application in various industries including Healthcare, Automobile, Logistics, Banking, Finance, Aerospace, Insurance, and Security.

With expertise in wearables, cloud and mobile technology under one roof, we provide best IoT solutions with rich architecture and inbuilt capability to automate 90% of validation efforts.



  • Interconnecting to already deployed devices
  • Quick prototyping with the cloud based Internet of Things platform
  • Demonstrate possible business value


  • Creation of advanced connected devices
  • Merge data with existing enterprise systems
  • Develop business applications
Operations streamlining

Operations streamlining

  • On-board groups, users, and devices
  • Create operations center
  • Manage devices across the platform

Why IoT Services by Consagous?

Consagous Technologies holds a position of prominence as an IoT solutions provider worldwide. We have the ability to develop IoT applications which can deal with the massive amount of generated data and enable you to monitor it in a scalable manner with optimum analytics.

These IoT Apps can address your real-life problems and can give meaningful information to solve the problem at hand. We have an experienced team of professional IoT Developers who have worked with clients across the world over the years.

We promise secured and scalable IoT solutions with smart internet-connected devices with IoT app which can seamlessly interact with hardware/communication channel including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, NFC (Near Field Communication) etc.

With a complete understanding of IoT needs of your enterprise, we are capable of turning your enterprise into a ‘Smart Enterprise’. We are confident to enable you to deliver enhanced customer satisfaction, yield higher productivity and be more efficient on the operational forefront with least human intervention.

Here is why to hire Consagous for IoT solutions?

Cost Effective:

We provide a complete suite of problem-solving IoT solutions that won't break your bank. With our vast experience in the field, we are able to give you returns on every penny invested.

Support Round the Clock:

We stay by your side during the whole app development phase and even after deployment. We work closely with clients to solve their queries immediately without any delay. We have an expert team of humble and prompt Business Analysts and project managers are dedicated to handling all the queries at the client's end at any given hour.

Smart solutions with smart devices for smart people:

Pace up with the new technologies by tying knots with us. Our solutions are customized as per your very requirement as we pay attention to every little detail and believe in delivering nothing but the best suited for you.

Industry Specific Internet of Things Solutions



  • Remote asset monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Inventory tracking
Food Industry

Food Industry

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Self-optimizing production
  • Inventory management
  • Asset monitoring
Real Estate

Real Estate

  • Smart occupancy
  • Smart parking
  • Remote room booking system
  • Predictive maintenance


  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Hospital asset tracking
  • Patient engagement
  • Workflow optimization


  • Fleet remote monitoring
  • Real-time drivers tracking
  • Fraudulent claim protection


  • Digital store management
  • Smart inventory management
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Predicting customer demands


Their Magento resources are all certified and competent
Doug Henningsen
President / True Transport Inc.
Great programer to work with! Very prompt and very professional. I would use him again.
David Gyurits
Regional Sales Manager / Mortgage Alliance
GREAT" experience with Consagous. Elegant quality work, good communication and offer a variety of works. I would hugly recommend them.
Aaron Kotasi
CEO / Kowolar Solutions
Their Magento resources are all certified and competent.
Stanley Norris
Founder and Director / Wowbeing - Holistic Lifestyle Solution
They’ve done a great job. That’s why I plan on continuing to use them.
Christopher Lang
Co-Founder / Creative Director / Optimize Business Solutions
"If anybody asks me how to do remote management, I always recommend Consagous and nobody else."
Jitu Telang
CTO / Loyakk Inc
The best i have worked with on scriptlance so far... A+++++++++++++++++++
Rotimi Omotunwase
Founder / Fusionplus Television - fusionplustv.com
The one member who dealt with me at the end did the work fast, and specific to what I wanted, without any problems. Fast, good communication, and delivered in perfectly. For him, 10/10.
Cecilia Hanif
Owner/CTO / i5marketing

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