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Introduction to Document Sets

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Introduction to Document Sets

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When working on projects, people seldom create individual documents. For many kinds of projects, it might be more typical to produce a set of multiple related documents. In some cases, this set of documents might be the end result of a project, or the “deliverable.” For example, a professional services company might produce a pitch book in response to each request for proposal that it receives from a possible client. In other cases, this set of documents might simply represent different types of information that support a larger project and result in the creation or delivery of something else. For example, a manufacturing company might produce a standard set of documents related to design, testing, and fabrication for each product it manufactures.

These documents may be produced simultaneously or in phases by one or more people, and they might involve documents of different file formats (for example, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Visio diagrams, Excel files, etc.).

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