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How to Keep Your Android Phone and Applications Protected from Viruses?

Android Phone Applications Protected

How to Keep Your Android Phone and Applications Protected from Viruses?

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Mobiles have been an obligatory a part of our lives for several years currently. Nowadays, they are not simply easy “phones”, rather “smart phones”, that incorporate computer-like practicality. though their utility and necessity is well-documented, Android-based phones come with inherent risks starting from easy spyware apps that keep tabs on you for advertising functions to backdoor Trojans that can take hold of your phone and steal your bank account info. this is often why the safety of your android phone is turning into a lot and a lot of vital with every passing day. Here you’ll search some recommendations on how to keep your smartphone as safe as potential.


Use Locks, Passwords and Anti-theft Software

It’s obvious that before creating the trouble to guard your phone from on-line threats, you ought to 1st confirm it’s safely secured from the folks in your immediate vicinity. this is often why it’s suggested to use difficult PIN numbers and lock codes or distinctive pattern locks. furthermore, putting in anti-theft software (if your security app does not already provide this feature) might prove to be a saving grace. Here are some apps that you simply will try:


  • Cerberusif your phone gets lost or lost, by visiting this tool’s website you’ll be able to take screenshots, record video and audio, send custom messages to your phone, lock the device, track the situation of your smartphone and even have it create a speaker call to variety you specify.


  • Prey – what sets this app except for different anti-theft software is that it will shield itself from being uninstalled. Basically, most applications can be simply removed once someone has access to the administrator account, but Prey locks itself with a PIN code and refuses to leave the device till you enter the right combination of digits.


  • Android Lost – if you get over the primary impression (the interface is sort of unattractive), this app is really dedicated. so as to defend itself from the unwanted attention that anti-theft apps get from thieves, the appliance can seem as “Personal Notes” within the app drawer. If your phone gets lost, visiting the app’s website can potentially viable you to access some neat options like text-to-speech (the phone can scan out loud the words that you just kind on the website).



Download Apps from Safe Sources

It’s vital that you simply alone download apps from trustworthy  sources like the Google Play Store. Why? Google bouncer scans all the apps from the Google Play Store, confirming their license certificates and drastically reducing the danger of downloading infected applications. a lot of shady virtual stores do not typically provide a similar level of protection and will permit imitation apps (malicious applications with a similar name as common ones) to trick their users into downloading them. moreover, legitimate apps can also be “injected” with malicious content, that infiltrate your phone even if the app appears to work absolutely simple. reaching to App Settings in your Android’s menu and unchecking the box that says “unknown sources” can stop your phone from installing applications that come from untrusted sources.



Keep Your Android OS and Applications Up-to-date

Software developers perpetually concern themselves with fixing vulnerabilities in their apps. frequently receiving updates for your OS and apps ensures that you just can get pleasure from the latest security upgrades available. Obsolete versions of apps are a lot of probably to be exploited by varied malware than up-to-date versions, and so endanger your entire phone.



Read Sharply Once Installing an App

When you conceive to transfer and install a brand new app, you ought to completely scan the privacy policy and also the list of requested permissions to assess however secure the appliance in question truly is. moreover, you ought to check the comments, ratings and reviews of different users to induce an overall impression of the app.


Make It Hard for Others to Access Your Personal Info

There are many steps you’ll take to avoid giving ill-intentioned folks quick access to your sensitive info. you ought to always sign out from your accounts onсe you have completed your tasks. moreover, do not answer SMS or emails that need information you do not usually provide out while not confirmative (calling) the supply 1st. If somebody extremely desires to do and steal your bank account or email credentials, confirm you do not serve it to them on a platter. furthermore, once you do not actively use them, flip your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off.


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