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Locate Success with Geolocation Apps for Business

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Locate Success with Geolocation Apps for Business

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Tech dictionary defines it as the process of finding, determining and providing the exact location of a computer, networking device or equipment. It enables device location based on geographical coordinates and measurements.

Geolocation commonly uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and other related technologies to assess and specify geographical locations.

In simpler terms, geolocation is an IT solution that fetches the location of an object in a physical or virtual environment. It operates with an in-built GPS in a device that provides the location of the device and is used in many types of applications to help locate human users. Geolocation can also be identified via an IP (Internet Protocol) address, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), Media Access Control address (MAC), Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) data and other types of wireless positioning systems.

A geolocation app gathers active user/device based information and passive server based lookup/data correlation which is then cross referenced against each other to give the most accurate geolocation result.

It would also help us understand the relevance of this technology for many businesses and ecommerce when we know the usage of geolocation data:

1. Geo-Tagging – Involves embedding geographic data into an object’s metadata for future reference.

2. Geo-Coding – Searching available types of objects and services listed by location.

3. Geo-referencing/Positioning – Finding the physical location of an object or person relative to a map.

Geolocation and the Mobile App Market


Geolocation is one of the most widely accepted trends in the mobile app development space. Countless startups have sprung up because of geolocation in mobile apps. The branding strategies and client servicing for various goods and services has undergone a sea change because of this. Following are some popular categories of location based mobile apps that are majorly in existence because of this technology.

– Place annotation and recommendation apps
– Apps that help navigate the terrain, maps
– On demand services
– Weather forecast apps
– Geosocial apps
– Health, fitness & lifestyle apps
– Travel & event apps
– Dating services
– Real-time knowledge
– Ecommerce apps
– Time centric and memory apps
– Apps for brick & mortar stores or offline businesses
– Location based augmented reality game apps

The PROs & CONs of Geolocations Apps for business (big or small)


– When someone ‘checks-in’ to your office, store or establishment, a message is sent to their social circle instantly via social networks’ home feeds (social media check-ins). So businesses build brand awareness and recall by default when they allow visitors or their customers to project the respective business in their social circle.

– These apps allow you to close the distance between businesses and their customers. In fact there are many perks attached with check-ins like discounts and freebies for those who use geolocation apps at sites, stores, market or mall.
Potential customers see your business if it is listed in geolocation apps, when they are near your site the app makes it easy for prospective buyers/customers to check you out.

– By including mobile location features in the branding strategy for your business you increase your revenue generations possibilities. Location based tailored content also allows give a big push to your enterprise and pulls in customers.
With geolocation features you can impact every feature of a business from manufacturing to B2B, from retail to services. Use location as the most relevant workaround for your customer.

– You can also bridge gaps between your online front and the offline one with ‘get it now’ options that tell a customer when a good is ready for pick-up or is back in store.


– The biggest pitfall of this technology is that it disallows web based companies or businesses from participating. The absence of a physical location to allow customers to check-in is a major impediment for web cos.

– There are some who find a way to circumvent the app system by checking-in regularly to avail the promotional discounts, etc when in reality they haven’t even stepped foot in the store or at the site. Some apps have come up with countermeasures for fake check-ins.

– Not many users are willing to share their location details unless the requirement is indispensable.

The future belongs to those businesses who will use mobile location/geolocation in innovative ways to drive customer traffic by providing relevant information and solutions. Get a geolocation app for your business from Consagous Technologies to deliver relevant information and services at the right time and the right place. And, assure the customers of their data and private information’s safety.

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