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Experts in Making Machine Learn And Predict Your Behavior

Sit back and relax while we make machines work for you

Machine Learning is an integral part of Artificial Intelligence, and the algorithms built on it which enable machines to work on their own by learning from the data generated without requiring a programmer to write code to get the tasks done.

Machine Learning Mobile Applications has made predictive analytics and pattern recognition possible with no human intervention.

Consagous acts as a catalyst in helping your business grow into the future technology by providing best Machine Learning programs. We leverage the full potential of pattern recognition, mathematical optimization, computational learning theory, predictive analysis, self-optimizing, and custom made algorithms to yield maximum benefits for our clientele.

Data Mining

Data Mining

  • Anomaly detection
  • Association rules
  • Predictions
Text Analysis

Text Analysis

  • Spam filtering
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Information extraction
Image Processing

Image Processing

  • Image tagging
  • Optical character recognition
  • Self-driving cars

Why Consagous is the best for Machine Learning Apps?

We know that even a penny lost because of less information aches badly. Equip your organization with machine learning technology to not miss when it matters. Consagous helps you to build intelligent solutions, analyze all the data, build a machine learning model faster.

We are confident to deliver best in machine learning technology as per industry standards. Entrust your tech-oriented investment funds to us and we will ensure that you are provided with the desired solutions. Our experts in machine learning will enable you to comprehend Big Data and predictive analysis of the business. While our data scientists will act as the facilitators in enabling the machines to draw specified results while continual machine learning on the basis of pattern recognition is going on.

We are known for developing fine AI enabled machine learning apps which can learn and adapt on the basis of data they process. These apps are productive and value-adding as they provide meaningful customer insights to enable the decision makers to arrive at better decisions.

Machine learning put to its best use:

Customized as per your enterprise needs and size, we believe in keeping client's satisfaction at the first priority. We develop responsive web and mobile machine learning apps which are compatible with multiple platforms. These apps are capable of learning from a big pool of scattered and even unrelated data by filtering out the irrelevant data and recognizing behavioral patterns and the crucial information.

Years passed by and Consagous evolved as a top tech giant in solution provider industry. Our remarkable skills and vivid expertise in technology, business processes, and analytics make us distinguished, plot us better ranking wise and first choice to hire for machine learning apps.

More for less:

We provide a complete suite of business-oriented, machine learning apps that fit right into your budget. Our cost-effective approach to develop solutions has enabled us to help clients to make big savings in investment in technologies.

App Marketing:

Stay assured of the revenue generation machine learning apps. We play an active part in app marketing and make sure that the app gets its deserved limelight in the App stores. We have a strong team of seasoned professionals to bring the promised results from all the platforms.

24X7 Support:

We stay by your side during the whole development phase and even after deployment. Our team of humble and prompt Business Analysts and project managers are dedicated to handling all the queries at the client's end at any hour.

Industry Specific Machine Learning Solutions

ML for Sales


  • Automatic alerts about clients' activities
  • Improve sales forecasting
  • Interpret customer data
  • Predict customer needs
ML for Marketing


  • Demand forecasting
  • Process optimization
  • Propensity to buy
  • Reserve estimation
ML for Human Resources

Human Resources

  • Tracking of suitable candidate
  • Behavior tracking
  • Analyse employee data
ML for Finance


  • Fraud detection
  • Algorithm for day trading
  • News/sentiment analysis
  • Effective portfolio management
  • Predictions about market based on past trends


  • Predictive inventory planning
  • Upsell and cross-channel marketing
  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Customer ROI and lifetime value
Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Alerts and diagnostics from real-time patient data
  • Proactive health management
  • Disease identification and risk stratification


Their Magento resources are all certified and competent
Doug Henningsen
President / True Transport Inc.
Great programer to work with! Very prompt and very professional. I would use him again.
David Gyurits
Regional Sales Manager / Mortgage Alliance
GREAT" experience with Consagous. Elegant quality work, good communication and offer a variety of works. I would hugly recommend them.
Aaron Kotasi
CEO / Kowolar Solutions
Their Magento resources are all certified and competent.
Stanley Norris
Founder and Director / Wowbeing - Holistic Lifestyle Solution
They’ve done a great job. That’s why I plan on continuing to use them.
Christopher Lang
Co-Founder / Creative Director / Optimize Business Solutions
"If anybody asks me how to do remote management, I always recommend Consagous and nobody else."
Jitu Telang
CTO / Loyakk Inc
The best i have worked with on scriptlance so far... A+++++++++++++++++++
Rotimi Omotunwase
Founder / Fusionplus Television - fusionplustv.com
The one member who dealt with me at the end did the work fast, and specific to what I wanted, without any problems. Fast, good communication, and delivered in perfectly. For him, 10/10.
Cecilia Hanif
Owner/CTO / i5marketing

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