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Mobile App or Website? Consider These 4 Things Before Making a Choice

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Mobile App or Website? Consider These 4 Things Before Making a Choice

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As a data-driven app promoter, you will have detected that apps and therefore the internet have long been engaged in a circuitous battle for attention, time, and cash in mobile. And with that has come a discussion regarding whether apps or web can ultimately prevail.


We’ve long expected a convergence of apps and therefore the web. the foremost recent proof of this came from Google with its introduction of search results for apps, however that wasn’t the start of this convergence and definitely won’t be the end.


You can get the complete scoop on this trend, however there’s really some key stuff you should realize however and why this convergence goes to alter everything. Here are my prime four things to grasp regarding this shift.



1. Both web and apps are superior in their own means.


While these platforms share several variations and similarities, ultimately each wins for various things. If you would like to seek out a solution to one thing, the web stands superior because of its inherent linking structure and search functionality. however if you crave a much better user experience, apps kick off on top.



2. Google is aware of this, and is currently adding apps to its indexing strategy.


Google has initiated a mission to index not solely the web, however apps also. It’s already indexed over three hundred billion pages inside apps, which suggests 2 things: 1) apps are progressively determinable through Google Search, and 2) marketers should keep that in mind for his or her organic search methods as app store optimization evolves.



3. The push for app downloads is also on the brink of extinction.


Google acquired the service Agawi in 2015, that streams apps without requiring users to download them initial. this will} foster a web-like experience wherever customers can dip in and out of apps, very like they presently do with websites, and will be a game-changer within the approach individuals consume mobile content.



4. the solution for your business comes right down to focus.


If you’re searching for fast, one-time engagement, developing for the web could also be your best bet. however if you’re targeted on nailing regular user engagement and retention, apps provide you with the management, measurement, and habitual activity of users that you simply still won’t notice on the web.





Companies that offer a compelling user experience and community that individuals prize — in spite of whether or not it’s through web, apps, or both — are going to be those who successfully ride the wave as web and mobile flow along mutually.


It will be tempting to either ignore trends and target the principles of the road nowadays, or overcorrect and check out to get previous the trend by shifting resources to wherever you think things are headed, however we expect that the foremost successful developers and marketers can do a little of both. we suggest a focus on the mechanics that matter currently, with an eye to the longer term.

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