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New Tools for Ratings & Reviews on Google Play to Join and Think Your Users

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New Tools for Ratings & Reviews on Google Play to Join and Think Your Users

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Millions of users rate and review your apps daily on Google Play. From feature requests to technical issues, ratings and reviews offer a wealth of knowledge about what people like and dislike. Since 2013, you’ve been eligible to reply to reviews on Google Play, giving you a straight connection line along with your most engaged users. you have told us you worth having this channel since it helps you go over on user feedback quicker on android than different platforms. within the previous few months, we’ve created variety of enhancements within the Google Play Developer Console to serve you higher analyze and manage ratings and reviews so you’ll improve your app expertise and boost its rating.


Improvements to ratings and reviews

We recently revamped ratings and reviews with options you’ll currently search on dedicated pages within the Developer Console:

  • See ratings over time: See how your rating changes daily, weekly, and monthly and easily spot any changes when you release a new version of your app.
  • Ratings breakdown: Break down your rating by country, language, device, app version, or Android version.
  • Review highlights: See common themes from what users say in reviews of your app – these are the same highlights that users see on the Play Store. Review highlights are shown after you have a high enough volume of reviews and are updated frequently to replicate the most recent user experiences along with your app.
  • Device metadata: See somewhat device information like RAM, CPU, and screen size so you can more easily identify problems users are mentioning in user reviews and debug such issues.
  • Search review text: Search within reviews to ascertain what folks are opinion regarding a specific topic or keyword.
  • Replies & updates to reviews: after you reply to reviews, the user receives an email. Now, you’ll also opt-in to be emailed if the user updates their review or rating.


Learn from different developers on whence to build the most of ratings and reviews


Photo Editor by Aviary is a photo editing app with a strong focus on simplicity and intuitive use. Ratings and reviews and other Android features allow Aviary to iterate on builds two to three times faster compared to other platforms while being in a regular dialogue with their users.


Glu Mobile may be a mobile gaming company known for Racing Rivals, preparation Dash 2016 and its coming Taylor Swift game. Ratings and reviews characteristics promotion Glu engage their audience, gather feedback, and manage user satisfaction. “Google’s review highlights permit us to see a photograph of game options users like or dislike at a peep. We monitor review trends, watch out for notifications, and respond to reviews for our games,” says Niccolo de Masi, Glu Mobile CEO. Here are some tips Glu is using to master ratings and reviews within the Developer Console:


  1. Reply to reviews: Reply to user reviews of your game in the Google Play Developer Console. Help them with their issues or let them know that you’re considering their feature suggestions. A positive experience could result in the user increasing their rating.
  2. Use search: you’ll now search within all reviews and apply search filters for rating, language, app version, device and more. Use this feature to find specific user feedback, for instance, on new content you’ve assembled.
  3. Take action: Now, you’ll be notified once a user answers you or updates their review. you’ll instantly begin performing on enhancements if you learned regarding a problem. If the feedback is positive, interact with your community and turn glad users into fans.
  4. Analyze over time: Analyze ratings over time to learn a lot of regarding how user satisfaction improves as you update your game. this permits you to grasp if your latest feature update or bug fix leads to higher user satisfaction.
  5. Identify key themes: Google Play directly surfaces review highlights that users are mentioning regarding your game. This makes it fast for you to investigate reviews and perceive user feedback.


We hope these tools assist you higher interact along with your audience and improve your app. Visit the Developer Console Help Center to search out more about seeing and managing ratings and reviews. For a lot of tools and best practices to assist you grow a booming business, transfer The Secrets to App Success on Google Play.

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