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DrCitas – Medical (Patient) Appointment Scheduling App

About This Project

Dr. Citas app, a patient waiting system which notifies every patient before his turn in advance and eases the patients’ lives as they won’t have to wait.

The client came to us with an idea which occurred to him while waiting outside a doctor’s clinic for the whole day just because there was no operations management software or app. That’s when he ideated Dr.Citas app, a medical appointment apps for devising a patient waiting system so every patient will be aware of his turn in advance and won’t have to wait.



The project was about creating an app which can be used as a waiting system for patients to consult their Doctor. It should give real-time notification to patients about their appointment status so that they won’t have to wait for their turn.



The challenge was to provide in-app features like:

  1. Load patients by order of arrival or number of appointment.
  2. Notify all the patients when the doctor arrives at the office via SMS or app notification.
  3. While patients are being treated by the doctor, the app should allow the secretary to update the app, indicating the number of patients that went into the office for the consultation and the notification will reach patients that are on the list to be attended that day.
  4. The app should allow the secretary to send notifications to patients indicating if the doctor was presented an emergency or had to leave the office.
  5. The app should be able to handle different doctor’s offices.
  6. The client desired to insert ads according to the doctor’s specialty in the app.



Consagous planned, designed and developed Dr. Citas mobile app to devise a waiting system for patients and convenient system for clinic operations.



We follow design-thinking methodology in making wireframes. After an intense creative design and development session, our mobile app developers devised a wireframe that would work best for the doctor booking healthcare app and subsequently got it approved by the client.

User interface design

We worked closely with the client to draw his inputs on the design and came up with the best-suited design for the concept that was ideated. The design was tested for appropriateness, and ease of use before it got finalized.


Backend and API

We designed the framework for the backend and created REST APIs to interact with the mobile apps.


Front-end development

A working prototype of the app was prepared on the application flow.



Tested the app internally by applying all Q&A standards and it was approved for the market.


With the app coming into the market, the patient waiting time is reduced to a considerable extent which can directly account for the success of the app.



Healthcare, Mobile Application

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