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About This Project

Travel planning was never so fun and so easy. Decide where to go, where to stay, how to travel – all at one shot.

Who has not found it difficult to decide where one wants to go on your vacation. Multiple sites, multiple providers, multiple bookings – and then if one factor changes, you need to redo everything! Travel planning at times is so painful that one hesitates to travel or else travels using a plan that worked for someone else.

Now, boldly go where you have never been before – building on the knowledge that HikeEzee has put together for you.

Hike Ezee now offers a revolutionary new way to plan your vacations. Focus on what you love. Choose the right places to visit, the right attractions to see. And then let the automated travel planning engine put together a detailed plan for you.

It will scan trip advisor ratings and figure out the best hotel to stay in for the attractions that you have picked.

It will find the optimum travel options for you – whether driving or by flight, bus or train.

Determine where you should stop for eating lunch when viewing the attractions, experience the local cuisine without worrying about if the restaurant is good enough.

Stop worrying if you will reach the place when it is not yet open. Or if you are visiting your destinations in the right order to minimize travel and maximize fun. HikeEzee travel planning engine takes care of all the nitty gritty for you so that in a couple of minutes you get a detailed plan in your hand, which might otherwise take a few hours or days to put together.

Do you want to customise the plan further – pick a different hotel, use a different travel option? Make all these changes with just a few clicks.

This is integrated with google maps so that the directions that the plan shows can be navigated seamlessly.


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