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Qliniqo – Healthcare Web App

About This Project

Qliniqo is a web app which acts as a web community and review site for consultation services provided by Dermatologists. It was an ideation of Mr.Viktor for facilitating the online reviews and gauge the success rate of doctors on the basis of reviews through an app which supports multiple languages and provides an easy signup option through Facebook and Google.

Qliniqo Healthcare web app



The client wanted to make a mobile and web application named Qliniqo for a web community and review site around plastic surgery and beauty treatments.



As the organization is a global trade body, the biggest challenge was to make the Mobile Web Application which performs without any glitches and downtime. There were many research papers, community content, and news that made it challenging to achieve the required performance and efficiency.

Our client required a quick solution for the mobile web application which required minimum backend developer involvement. It required the support of a mobile browser. Also, it needed to be UI responsive along with mobile browser.



We developed mobile web application through the Ionic framework to keep the app simple, user-friendly, secure and easy to use. Our continuous involvement and transparency throughout the development lifecycle ensured that the delivered product met all the client’s expectations. With AngularJS and Ionic for front-end development, we chose Firebase as backend services. Following features were integrated into the app:

  • Search function that shows available surgery/treatments, clinics, doctors and end users
  • User profile, where users post reviews of clinics and doctors
  • Users can follow each other along with clinics/doctors
  • News feed that displays reviews and news/ads from clinics and doctors
  • ‘Book consultation’ feature where users can book a meeting online/phone/IRL with clinic/doctor



The result was a standard rating mobile web application facilitating millions of searches taking place across the country. People are using this mobile web app to look up reviews and ratings of doctors in the same geography, find other doctors and referrals, and quickly get the information about any doctor.



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