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Sahaj Yatra Android App

About This Project

Sahaj Yatra is an android app to ease the commute by helping people to easily find co-passengers and save the daily expense with cab pooling made easier. It is built to transform the world of transportation with its community-owned real-time sharing service. Technology supports finding co-passengers with the driver already on roads for a minimal pay. The user can get connected to the desired number of passengers by taking a subscription plan.

Sahaj Yatra Case Studies



Sahaj Yatra founders approached Consagous with an idea to create an app that enables users to share cab rides. The objective of creating this app was to inform users about created taxi rides around her/him along with a choice to join them. The app should also enable the user to have an option to create new taxi rides and allow other users to join the shared ride.



The challenge was to design and develop a highly functional app which ensured immediate and convenient usability with an inbuilt chat function and payment gateway. Keeping the user data secured by devising a secure way to store data was a brainer and a supreme priority.



Consagous designed and developed Sahaj Yatra’s android native app built on Android Studio and Java for passengers, enabling the launch to market in about 250 hours from scratch. Users can find shared taxi rides near them which are available to give a ride from the point of pick up to the desired drop point.
The app was technically challenging in several ways – like the handling of dynamic state transitions with the continuous update in the apps and handling scenarios where users were on the move and internet/telecom network strength was fluctuating – this needed custom fall-back mechanisms for accurate location resolution.



Sahaj Yatra’s founders were impressed with our development methodology and fine aesthetics of app. Our expertise on the Android platform allowed us to develop the app that perfectly matches the client’s requirements. A great partnership was created during the successful development of the app.


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