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Purposs – On Demand Service Delivery App

About This Project

Our mobile app development team has developed a hyper local market place app that can leverage your service based business to a different extent.

We received a project to develop a web page and a mobile application for people to grow their own micro service/business, named Purposs.



The client brief required us to provide an Online-to-Offline platform for businesses to connect with consumers.



The complete project including website and Android/iOS mobile application development to implement P2P chat using Twilio SDK.

It was required to create a button that says ‘chat’ in front of the PayIt button which should let the user enter into a 1-on-1 chat with the respective person. A list of sellers was to be created with their microservice enlisted for buyers. The website and app should let sellers set the rates for the products & services they plan to provide and enable the buyers search, book, and pay for nearby service providers.

Purposs will match them with the Sellers offering those services in that area and in real time.


Creating such an application, for mass use with multiple users in different geographies was an uphill assignment which we met with due diligence. Our technical minds have determined the solutions that can procure the above-mentioned challenges. The solutions were:
To make it easier for the user to search and know about the sellers, out technical brains devised
For making the search function easy for users the website and app were programmed to pinpoint a location in Google map every time which matched the search query. This pins will enable the user to get the information of sellers in the nearby area for the searched product using a pop-up box.
Each user who registers on the website gets an individual profile, where he can view his/her own services/business featured or bought.
A seller can add his business page by which he can advertise his products or services.
We also designed, developed, and licensed the mobile application for social commerce technologies to be used by entrepreneurs and enterprises. Following process was followed to yield desired results:



We follow design-thinking methodology in making wireframes. After an intense creative design and development session, we devised a wireframe that would work best for the app and subsequently got it approved by the client.

User interface design

We worked closely with the client to draw his inputs on the design and came up with the best-suited design for the concept that was ideated. The design was tested for appropriateness, and ease of use before it got finalized.

Backend and API

We designed the framework for the backend and created REST APIs to interact with the mobile apps.

Front-end development

A working prototype of the app was prepared on the application flow.


Tested the app internally by applying all Q&A standards and it was approved for the market.


Our developing team made it happen, by building a wonderful website with integration of Android and iOS mobile application. With this mobile application, the client was able to achieve its aim of connecting people to people, people to products and people to places. There are approximately more than 1000 micro business sellers from piano lessons to yoga classes with 500 services already availed by buyers from different geographies.
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