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Pre-Launch Marketing Tips for Making Your Mobile App More Discoverable

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Pre-Launch Marketing Tips for Making Your Mobile App More Discoverable

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As the world prominence of smartphones and tablets is growing consecutive, the competition between mobile app developers and publishers is  obtaining exacerbate. Today, a lot of  1.2 million mobile apps are existing at Google Play and Apple’s App Store. in this extremely competitive world, wherever everyday more than 100 of android, iPhone, BlackBerry & Windows apps are printed within the limitless ocean of app market, a brand new massive challenge has aroused for business owners and app developers, that  is Mobile App promoting.

Getting your mobile app determined or discovered within the app store is one in all the most basic challenge, which each and every developer and seller is facing today. for making any app booming it’s necessary to pursue a comprehensive, well-rounded app promoting strategy that has each pre-launch and post-launch activity. we’ll discuss regarding post launch promoting ways in our next article. Let’s have a glance on Pre-launch promoting ways developer/publishers are needed to follow:

First and most vital purpose that ought to never be neglected is “strategy” for creating, an app booming must begin well before the app goes live in the app store not when the launch. This helps us to know the foremost vital elements of the app promoting puzzle that are – who your customers are and wherever you’ll search them. There area unit some steps you wish to think about before you launch your app:

Selection of keywords

For prosperous promoting of an app, it’s vital to grasp the suitable keyword. From user’s perspective the term “keyword” is employed to acknowledge what your app does. for instance, if we parley about some standard applications like Sudoko and Calculator. The vital keyword for them is “Sudoko” and “Calculator”. However, these examples are easy examples, if we are developing some complicated applications then we could search issue to decide the keywords. For that case, we will refer some sensible keyword analytics tools like Appnique , SearchMan etc.

Catchy Name with arresting Description:

App’s Name: choosing an appealing title is absolutely a really difficult job, however one among the too necessary step in mobile app promoting methods. Apple provides you 99 chars and android provides you 30 chars solely to describe your keywords thus attempt built the most effective out of it.


But keep in mind that if a keyword or combination of keywords for your app name is overused then attempt to come up with one thing distinctive.Important to notice that- it’s continuously higher to be within the prime 5 results for a mean -searched keyword than within the top 100 for a extremely – searched keyword. App’s title contains a potential to form anxiety in users so they get compelled in viewing your app. benignant title will convert traveller to client.


App’s Description: to enhance the search rankings in app store, that keywords are relevant and used most frequently by audience is very important to think about. while writing an app description, some points are vital to think about. Let’s have a glance on this:


  1. Initial lines of app description are important: lots of users solely reading 1st 2-3 lines to know the app. Hence, it’s suggested to put the foremost economical options of the app within the 1st 2-3 lines.
  2. Publish your app in kind of languages: For attracting further users that might be earned by targeting the native language might be useful persistently. As a number of the users don’t speak and understand English, in this case promoting your app in many languages will improve your downloads.
  3. Comprise best reviews and quotes: place the most effective quotes and reviews, that your app got from totally different blog reviews sites. As individuals notice and trust these reviews, particularly if they need used app stores earlier. If your app haven’t got any app reviews or quotes so far, it means your app necessity update.
  4. Add App Features: attempt to list the necessary options of your app and justify each feature well like what precisely it does and what’s new in it. you wish to be a bit much technical and specific for the technocrats.
  5. Release updates in 4-6 Weeks: If you think that your app includes a potential then attempt to update your app in each 4- 6 weeks. Delete decrepit and exhausting options and add new options that your challenger has. to grasp what your competitors have added  in their app you’re required to investigate what options top ten or top five apps have that your app doesn’t have inclusive  of app description, title or the other practicality within the app.
  6. Follow Cross Promotion: Cross promoting is one amongst the chiefly custom-made promoting strategy which each mobile app seller is following. cause behind its quality is your alternative apps may be promoted simply through one app. It may be a good help then when any of your app has achieved a decent success. Even you’ll mention regarding your coming apps in your app description.
  1. Suitable tags: Adding suitable and smart tags is extremely vital. No doubt, how smart your application is, if you haven’t added  searchable and suitable tags, then your app will be lost within the app store. however inserting or adding keywords/tags doesn’t mean that stuffing it blindly, use solely those tags that are extremely searchable also as that suits to your app.


Here are a lots of ways that to enhance our app description. you’ll begin it currently, as there’s continuously an area for improvement.


Find formidable opponent and compare: for correct selling of an app you would like to grasp who your competitors are. Apps are always increasing at such a fast rate within the app store that you’ll seemingly search Diversity of competitors whose apps are just like your own. you’ll prepare your challenger apps list by following tips:


  1. search apps that rank high within the app store search results for your targeted keywords. Note their feature sets and alternative keywords they need targeted.
  1. Note all of your competitors without filtering any out.
  1. Assemble this long list of potential competitors by scaling them on the premise of their reviews, ratings and variety of downloads etc.


Once you ready the list of your challenger apps and have noted their positive points, you’ll add their points in your update list.


Select the correct range


Selecting the correct class for the app is a mystery in itself. so far as one app fits a more than one category. But, necessity to selected the series terribly cleverly. The series which provides your app the most effective shot of ranking extremely within the top Charts for your chosen series is that the applicable series for your app. no matter that series isn’t a really well-known or mainly used. for instance, Social series can drive a lot of downloads as compared to the life-style category. However, your app goes to possess a tougher time ranking extremely within the Social class (against the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr etc.) than within the manner class (against apps like horoscope and cookingrecipe). Hence, it’s forever higher to be on the upper rank in a median series than being on the lower status in a very prominent classes. Although, the outstanding category’s brands are large and nearly not possible to beat, however if you’re ready to do it, you’ll earn serious amounts of downloads. The uncompetitive category’s apps aren’t as entrenched by users, and it’s a lot of seemingly you’ll simply rank against them, however you might not earn as several downloads from it.

Create an astonishing icon :

App icon is that the 1st and also the foremost factor of your app, that visitants notices while checking out an app during a limitless ocean of appstore. Your app icon conveys your app’s purpose and its vogue. It ought to be thus wonderful that guests will be a lot of doubtless to click on your app when seeing it in search results. Apart, from its attention-getting creation, your app icon ought to additionally stand out in a grid on the user’s device. App icon plays thus vital role that Apple won’t even feature an app, unless they notice the icon well-designed and fits with overall look and feel.


Take attention-getting screen-shots :


For driving client to our app’s detail page inside the app store, we tend to all pay lots of your time and efforts. however that’s solely half the battle. Once we are booming in gain visit of a client, we want to convert them in to a true user by convincing them to transfer our application. Screenshots may be a good facilitate in this. we need to style our screenshot in such a way that their styles are eye-pleasing, informative and exciting. they have to draw the visitor’s attention towards them and may comprise overlays, justify precisely what your does and convey how simple your app is to use.


All the on top of mentioned steps can assist you lots in driving users towards your app and earning smart downloads however smart promoting will solely bring users to your app, can’t retain them for long time. So, be inventive and maintain norm in your apps, as it matters a lot!!!

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