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Consagous. is a company that offers inventive, up to date and adroit Website Design, content development, best quality Internet Marketing, back- end integration and development, skillfull IT solutions, computer and consultant services at affordable prices.

We, at Consagous endorse values of equity, spunk and excellence throughout the organization. Time and experience led us to realize the significance of the work evolved over a period of time. These guided us through our sole aim of becoming the global market leader offering technologies, intelligent business solutions and exceptional support for the benefit of our valued clients.

Consagous is located in INDORE,MP(INDIA) and has numerous clients in healthcare, graphic design, advertising, interior designers, architects, IT departments and IT companies all over.

Consagous associates begin with the outlook that when you accomplish in their services, they are an extension of your business team. Associates are experts in web design, Flash , computer programming, Internet marketing, IT services and networking who are mostly degree holders of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Computer Science and/or Computer Engineering.

Consagous is a technology neutral solution provider .we can develop and integrate Solutions across a broad range of technologies. Our experts are competent veteran team can undertake web based development based on the popular web programming scripting languages like PHP, ASP, .NET, Java Script, MYSQL,Sql Server 2000,2005, oracle, MS Access, and many more.

These values are: People: Our people are the Cornerstones of our business. Individual dignity is respected and is given prime importance in the organization teamwork. We respect and support team decisions.

Team vision: Is what drives the efforts of all the individuals in the organization.

Business Values & Ethics: We aim to constantly add value to our customer’s requirements and expectations through our cutting edge technology solutions.

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