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3 Reasons E-commerce Marketing Campaigns Fail

eCommerce Marketing Campaign

3 Reasons E-commerce Marketing Campaigns Fail

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If every social media post or advertisement technique will work people won’t spend crucial time and resources on running e-commerce marketing campaigns again and again. Clearly, it is a hit and trial method where some of the attempts are bound to fail. When it is known that the failure is certain so instead of trying to avoid failure one should learn from them.

Even with the most sensible and creative content sewn with engaging graphics can fail in generating leads, so don’t expect inquiries pouring in after posting something good.

Read on find out why your marketing campaign is failing rapidly and how to avoid them.


1. Copycats loose big


We live in a world where you are not selling a product but an idea, a utility or a promise. How can your idea sell with a packaging of someone else’s marketing strategy?

Also, what worked for your competitor won’t necessarily work for you. Think from scratch!

One must learn from other experiences but then scrapping everything that your competitors are not using would be like you are shutting doors without exploring.

Herd mentality is never recommended when comes to a marketing strategy. Pore over the marketing strategy of your competitors but never copy paste it because marketing channels these days are saturated which is making PPC campaigns very expensive for the generic keywords and phrases. Think of something which is not easy to copy.

Furthermore, provide value to the target audience. Pitching continuously drive the people away. Provide engaging and informative content to your audience in your product or service area and build a repo of your brand. It is a recursive process and will work on ‘Rome was not built in a day’. But, once a brand image is created you won’t need to pitch for sourcing clients.


2. You are aiming wrong


If you are a manufacturer of woolen clothes, there is no point in pitching to people who live in hot regions. So launching a national email campaign for such products is a total waste of resources. Instead of targeting the whole nation, target cold regions or rather launch such campaigns based on seasons.

While working on marketing strategy one must understand that social media posts, emails, and ad campaigns can provide you with a momentary attention of your potential customers. But one must make an offer that is compelling enough to convert a prospect into a client or customer.


3. You never reached your prospect


If the advertisement was made in the wrong places or wrong keywords were used or an ad campaign wasn’t run long enough to get noticed you are basically talking to yourself because your marketing is not engaging potential customers.

One must carefully watch the performance of any online campaign on regular basis and must mold it as and when required.


How to frame a good marketing strategy?



Needless to say that marketing requires a professional expertise and a constant watch. Hire digital marketing professional to help you out. Reach us and sit back and relax. We will take care of the rest!

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