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Why is responsive web design important for e-commerce?


Why is responsive web design important for e-commerce?

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It is a common question that why a business needs to make a responsive website and why it is essential for e-commerce to do it asap?

There is a list of factors that necessitates business to have a responsive website.

Read the insights to unleash the facts behind the reasons of having a web responsive website.


Increased mobile usage



About 91% people use the mobile device or a smartphone and 55% of website traffic is from mobile devices.
The number alone establish the relevance of creating a website which is responsive and doesn’t devoid the user of the experience which he otherwise will have on the desktop website.





With the increasing number of users going mobile there are in fact more mobile devices on Earth than there are humans.
Clearly, this means that your prospective customer will be accessing your website through a mobile device.
If their experience is ruined because your website wasn’t responsive, you may lose them to the competitor in like a matter of seconds.   





The number online shoppers is growing





With the comfort and ease that online shopping is providing, it’s very difficult for people to consider retail stores for shopping.
Now with that said, if they are going to shop online and that too with their mobile devices we need to create mobile responsive websites to match up the contemporary requirements.


Social media drives website traffic through mobile devices



If 55% of social media consumption is happening on mobile devices that will practical translate that your website will be visited by mobile users upon sharing a link on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Google Plus.
So if you are planning on to leverage social sharing of content, go responsive!


Make the Google smile!



Google recommends responsive development for good SEO rankings. The responsive website performs better in search rankings because it provides a better user experience.
Additionally, Google has separate search algorithm for mobile phones so a site which ranks high via a desktop search won’t necessarily rank high via a mobile search if it is not responsive. Furthermore, mobile searches already overtook desktop searches.
These facts dictate that making the mobile responsive website is no more an option.


Fitting to multiple devices sizes



The problem is that when we think about mobile devices we only think about smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices also include smartwatches and Google Glass and many more devices which are yet to get launched.
Now, a responsive web design will look good in any given device size and we give the user a seamless experience without increasing bounce rate.


One site is easier to manage and increases ROI



To keep two versions updated all the time is a lot of work and multiple version which are improperly managed may give interrupted user experience while the user is interacting with the website.
With a responsive website, you won’t worry to manage two separate website versions and it will adapt to any given device ensuring best user experience.
Also, it will reduce your content management costs which in turn will lead to higher ROI.


Responsive sites provide a better user experience



All the reasons to implement a responsive website sums up to providing a better user experience. Pinching and zooming ruins the user experience and responsive website ensures no more pinching and zooming and side-scrolling!
And a needless to say that a better user experience reduces bounce rates improves brand image and boosts lead conversions.


How to get a responsive website?



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