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How IoT Mobile Apps Are Transforming Business

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How IoT Mobile Apps Are Transforming Business

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Today, technology has impacted our lives in many ways.“With the explosion in usage of mobile devices and connected sensors, geography has become inextricably linked to modern technological processes and systems”. This modern process has solved almost every problem by changing the way people communicate and collect the information. With the help of new and cutting-edge technologies, now smartphones become more powerful and automated the manual tasks wherever possible and bring control to the electronic gadgets.


To give smartphones more control and competence, IoT came to picture, by bringing the control of other devices to the smartphone. Today almost all the basic exigency like smart phones, car navigation systems, industrial systems, smart building devices etc are connected online with the help of IoT to capture vast amounts of data with fixed and moving sensors.


Let’s look at the below mentioned figures to know more deeply the future of IoT


Insights Of IoT

According to the Statista research, by 2020, “the installed base of the Internet of Things devices is forecast to grow to almost 31 billion worldwide. The overall Internet of Things market is projected to be worth more than one billion U.S. dollars annually from 2017 onwards”.


Insights Of IoT


Benefits Of IoT Mobile App In Retail Market

Today, retailers with the help of IoT ultimately revolutionize the way we shop all over the world. Actually, IoT is giving retailers a way to catch up with the increasing demand of customers by integrating omnichannel experiences into their stores.


Here we mentioned some benefits of IoT in retail market:


It Merges the Physical and Digital Dimensions

With the help of sensors and beacon technologies in-store, retailers can connect with multiple shopkeepers in a more personal way by tailoring their experience with coupons for items they typically use. IoT offers a more seamless experience for customers that will not only save customers time but also build brand loyalty.


It Puts the Goods where They Need to Go

Now products can be tracked from floor to store, this not only improving store operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities but also sharpening the business strategies by allowing the businesses to look at the micro level. According to the Zebra study, by “2021, 79% of retailers will be able to personalize in-store shopping experiences for customers because they’ll be able to know they’re in the store”.


With the help of IoT, retailers are connecting with customers more seamlessly and determining their typical shopping paths. It also enables entrepreneurs to redefine their brand engagement by listening to their customers and analyze their behaviors and building new offerings and business models.  If you are looking for the mobile app development team which can build prodigious IoT mobile application then we can help you for the same.

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