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Roundup of best social media platforms for B2B Marketing


Roundup of best social media platforms for B2B Marketing

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Businesses can’t afford to not engage with the social networking sites’ and social media platforms’ users. Your B2B marketing will be null if these platforms don’t figure in it.


But, it is essential to understand that while these channels are necessary, it is important to identify and invest in platforms through which you are more likely to reach and engage with your product/service’s audience.


Consagous gives you a tally for the most effective social media websites for yielding the most out of your B2B marketing.







Twitter rules the roost!

According to the report by digital communications and technology agency Pulp Strategy in July 2017, Twitter has been rated as the BEST PLATFORM B2B MARKETING. Pulp Strategy further stated that Twitter garners 47% marketer acceptance in the non-conventional B2B channel distribution segment.


Because of its wide reach (approx. 328 million active users), Twitter is also an efficient mode of handling customer service apart from being a channel for business marketing. If your brand maintains an active presence on Twitter, then prospective or existing customers shall reach out to you for concerns, queries or praise.


With hashtags you can boost posts and interesting content can amplify your brand name. If a user with a large amount of followers retweets you, your product/service automatically reaches a large section. Apart from tweeting about your business, also share and retweet content from other users or sources to keep the content interesting and not purely business oriented.








As per the same report from Pulp Strategy cited above, Facebook garnered a brand approval rating of 56%. It is also being noted how Facebook Messenger is fast emerging as a sound marketing tool for companies especially when the platform itself is promoting the tool as a great channel for brands/firms to interact with their customers.


Facebook continues to be the biggest social network on web with nearly 2 billion active users. With the Pages feature anyone can connect with organizations and businesses around the world. Irrespective of your firm/company/brand’s sector Facebook is a great starting point and a marketplace to share business updates and a lot more like photos, testimonials, videos, etc.








The most famous professional network with over 500 million users is a highly dependable B2B marketing platform. The platform is by default used by 92% of B2B marketers where they ensure that their company is gaining the most attention through well curated, researched and high value content when engaging with other professionals in their sector.


Publishing an article or think piece on LinkedIn Pulse establishes brand value, awareness and visibility with the management tier you will be targeting eventually in the marketing flow.
As per recent estimates, 80% of B2B marketing leads via social media come from LinkedIn and 46% of social media traffic to your business’ website flow again from LinkedIn.








Nearly 75% of marketers have chosen Instagram as their most preferred channel for sharing photos and videos with their audience. The Facebook owned network has 700 million active users and is entirely mobile. Instagram is not the best choice for every business, but if your firm is running an account then be watchful for the basic photography skills that go into capturing photos and videos, so that only high quality material is uploaded.


And don’t bother yourself if you see your business getting overshadowed by posts on food, art, travel and fashion. By latching on to the right hashtags and posting unique clips and pictures, your business is sure to sail through.








The majority of B2B marketers are failing to draw the maximum, in fact are overlooking the potential of SlideShare as a strong B2B marketing tool. Which is also an opportunity in hindsight presented by this impressive visual presentation network.


Due to less competition, your business has more chances of getting noticed through visual marketing with this channel. SlideShare is perfect for companies with lots of data that has to be shared with prospects in comprehensible formats for quick grasping in the form of easy text, infographics on one slide at a time.


SlideShare fosters lead generation by giving you the options to create sleek presentations for your prospects that are easy to follow as they decide to go for your firm. It helps you break down complicated numbers, reports, stats, research papers along with your enterprise/brand’s persona into something that can be understood in a few minutes without have to scan through a document which is perfect for busy managers and executives.


While using these social media platforms, don’t discount the importance of content which continues to be the prime influencer in the customer’s decision making process. Today businesses can generate quantifiable results through a mix of varied content types and marketing channels with user generated content taking the lead in both B2B and B2C marketing.

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