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Tips to Make Your eCommerce Development Project Successful

eCommerce development Project procedure

Tips to Make Your eCommerce Development Project Successful

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In a current global marketplace, it’s not enough to have a digital presence, your website must be interactive or eye appealing. But grievously, the Internet is teeming with poor website designs that are lacking with both the technical and content mark and the worst part is that developers and clients alike continuously contribute to the current outbreak of designs oversight in equal measure.

But now, thankfully, we can simplify the eCommerce development procedure considerably with the help of some easy tips and strategies. Let’s take a closure look at the amazing tips for simplifying the procedure of booming e-Commerce development.

Select Your CMS Carefully

The content management system has a huge impact on the success or failure of any website, so before choosing CRM for your website keep the size and scale of your website in your mind. Usually, a small eCommerce website uses WordPress or a blogging platform and large eCommerce website requires a CMS that scales large product base and heavy traffic and now Magento is the first preference of developers to built large-scale eCommerce websites.

Making it Big? Build for Redundancy

If you’re planning to build an eCommerce website that may receive numbers of peerless users each day, then it should be made for redundancy. That means, host your website and database on separate servers and you can also use CDNs to host videos and pictures.

SEO-friendly URL structure

Currently, the use of unique product IDs in URLs is over and now eCommerce development is all about making your website user-friendly and easily accessible to search engines. On the basis of SEO, URL structure should focus on target keywords such as product’s name or its core features and its framework should also use robust on-site SEO principles to make the website as SEO-friendly as possible.

Make Strategies For Everything

Building an eCommerce website is a time-taking process, sometimes it takes months to complete.But before start designing your website, be prepared with a detailed development and deployment strategies. It would be good if you take a ‘big picture’ approach to project management and try to find out all the solutions to problems you could face during development.

Simplify Your Sign-up Process

If you want to increase your user base, conversion rates, and revenue then your sign-up page

should be as simple as possible so that it can be easily filled by the users just like Amazon and Facebook.


For every successful eCommerce website, its user interface plays an important role, so make it simple, eye catchy and engaging to upsurge conversion rate and total earnings.

Outsource Your Development

If you don’t have knowledgeable developers or your team size is not sufficient enough to develop full-fledged website than the best way is to outsource the development.

There are thousands of website development companies are available which have the pervasive expertise to develop eCommerce websites.

Detailed Product Pages

For any website, product pages work as a game changer, it can make or break the eCommerce website. Therefore, it is important to invest lots of time on testing different product pages for maximizing the click-through and conversion rates.


Small changes like call-to-action and product descriptions can bring a huge difference to your conversion rate as most of the visitors arrive directly to product pages via search engines.

Integrate On-Site  Analytics

Web analytics is important to determine whether you are hitting your objectives or not. It helps in collecting real insights from your audience that will help in designing future strategies for a website to ensure a continuous improvement of the user experience on the website.

Build Your Site to be Marketed

Generating sales directly from search results is not an easy task, for that, you’ll need to actively market your website to all traffic sources like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Therefore optimizing your product pages not only to increase conversion rate but also for external factors like Google’s Quality Score.

Have Support Ready Before You Launch

No matter how nice your merchandise is or how appealing your website is, users can run into issues and wish to contact your support team. So your support team should ready before your website even launches.


There are many situations in which your users can stumble that you never thought could happen therefore it is good to have a support team and great FAQs for user guidance.


Hope these guidelines will help you to design an engaging website for your business.

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