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Top 5 Dos and Donts of App Development for Startups in 2018


Top 5 Dos and Donts of App Development for Startups in 2018

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Are you a web-based startup? If yes, you may be thinking that your website made your presence global and also at the same time you might be wondering that why you are not getting any leads so far!

We have one straight jacket solution to your situation, ‘Get a Mobile app for your business now!’.

The reason being, mobile now represents 65% of all digital media time, with mobile apps dominating the usage, which in turn necessitates mobile app development for all the bootstrap companies to survive in the market!

With so many zombie apps in the market that don’t sell, you need a pro help to generate leads via the mobile app.

For a general orientation, the mobile app should have some basic qualities to prevail in the global market and also there are few obvious blunders one must avoid while building a mobile app.


Follow this Dos And Don’ts of Mobile App Development for Startups to stay ahead in 2018.


Top 5 qualities that your mobile app should have are:


  1. App optimization for mobile platforms: Making your app compatible and functional for all the mobile devices should be your step 2 after creating a bug-free app with a pretty interface.


    1. Unique: Instead of being a modified version of an existing app, come up with a unique idea to leave a long-lasting impression on the users’ minds.


  1. Ease of Access: Your app should be easy to navigate, easy to download and easy to operate overall. A bad user experience can cost you a considerable loss in forecasted revenues.


  1. Cheap: The best way to package your app is providing primary functions for FREE and then charging a minimal amount for advanced features.  


  1. Targeted: Only concentrate on your audience. Your app should be exclusively designed for your targeted users, everyone out there is not seeking out for your app!


With these qualities, there are few mistakes one must avoid while creating an app for a startup company.


1. Avoid too many features

Too many features confuse the users Plus there is fair chance that an app with too many features will be buggy and can degrade the user experience.

Rather, make a ‘Minimum Viable Version’ of your app with perfectly functional primary features before opting for a full-fledged version.


2. Bad UI/UX design

A bad front end experience is the end of your app story. Period. Make your app self-describing and smooth to operate to avoid mass abandonment of your app.


3. Launching the app before rigorous testing

The testing is the most significant phase of the mobile app development process and that’s why there is no way to skip it.

Testing time and cost should be planned beforehand to avoid last moment hassle. Clearly, a bug-free app with minimum features is better than a full-fledged app with an erratic functionality.

Testing caters to your overall perfection needs here.


4. No planning to fix post-launch bugs

Even after proper programming and extensive testing, app bugs are bound to slip in or you may need to update your app with new features. Plan the after-hours on app development as well to keep the user satisfied.


5. Not Marketing an App

Even the best app will not generate revenues if it’s not properly marketed. Create a buzz and hire a proper digital marketing team to get the most out of your mobile app.


With that said, if a mobile app sounds like a great idea for your business, go for it. Contact us

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