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Top React js Frameworks to leeway Web and Mobile Application Development

react js mobile applications development

Top React js Frameworks to leeway Web and Mobile Application Development

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In the last few years, we have seen mind-bending changes in the software industry and mushrooming opportunities for coders. Today mobile’s emergence as one of the biggest mega-trends which have upswing new software development ideology for every enterprise which is looking to grow. This new paradigm underline two main attributes one is agility and the other is automation of manual steps.

For agility, now developers are started using React JS,an amazing framework, which has the ability to develop mobile applications iteratively and adopt new features and configuration changes to built reliable and appealing mobile and web applications. Here we mentioned some top frameworks of React JS that can help you to kick-start your initial web or mobile app development.



React Native

React Native is only two years old but it became an interesting framework since it allows developers to build cross-platform mobile apps. It is also open source framework created by Facebook like ReactJS that allows developers to design native mobile applications using JSX and JavaScript.

React-Native doesn’t use HTML but it offers alternative components that work in a similar way. These components work as an actual real native iOS or Android UI components that get accomplished on the app.



React Bootstrap

With the help of React-Bootstrap, developers can reuse the library of front-end components. The module of the react-bootstrap framework is a React specific implementation of Bootstrap that offers JSX components for various Bootstrap styles and it encapsulated CSS layout as JSX components like , , and .



Just like CSS modules, React Toolbox allows developers to use required CSS without using tools like Purify-CSS. Besides this, it is a highly-customizable framework and comes with more than 30 components out-of-box.

In case, if you want to import the components that are already bundled with CSS, your module bundler should be able to require these PostCSS modules. Developers are free to use whatever module bundler they want to use as long as it compiles and requires PostCSS files located in node_modules.



Material UI

Material UI is a first UI kit for React, it contains all components that are required to develop a mobile app. Material-UI is configured with a predefined color palate that allows developers to define a custom color theme for the mobile app. Initially, it had some performance problems, but now its performance has improved.



Semantic UI

Semantic UI is a modern UI framework, introduced by LESS and jQuery. It contains sleek, flat and subtle design looks to provide a lightweight user experience. The structure of Semantic UI is very unique and it uses five detailed categories to define reusable UI components.
The features of Semantic UI are:

  • A UI Element: It is a basic building block and can appear alone or in a group.
  • A UI Collection: It is a group of different kinds of elements that are interdependent.
  • A UI View: It represents the common piece of website content.
  • A UI Module: It has interactive JavaScript-based functionality.
  • A UI Behavior: This component cannot exist separately, it is used to inject functionality into other components.
  • You have various platforms to build an amazing app and to become a software hero. Go ahead and code your future.

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