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Top Tips to Enhance Mobile Application Engagement & User Retention

mobile application engagement user retention

Top Tips to Enhance Mobile Application Engagement & User Retention

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Mobile app engagement and mobile app retention are 2 distinct however connected metrics that may be measured to point the success of an application. Low app engagement and retention are a direction for failure, whereas high engagement and retention equals the other.

Engagement – describes however active users are on the mobile application. whereas this is often a somewhat subjective metric, Localytics describes extremely engaged users as those that have 10+ sessions per month.

Retention – whereas again a reasonably subjective term, the business benchmark is the proportion of an app’s users who come to the app among three months of their initial session.

The Engagement/Retention Problem

It’s tough to attain adequate mobile app engagement and retention rates. In fact, user abandonment (apps used only once and so abandoned) jumped to 25th this year, up from two hundredth in 2015. moreover, if an app is opened one time in seven days, there’s a hour chance it’ll ne’er be opened again. the truth is app developers are up against a competitive market within which users have a lot of choice.

1. Easier Onboarding

Providing a seamless onboarding expertise will facilitate significantly reduce abandonment rates. The  difficult  it’s to start exploitation an app – too several steps to sign in, too several info fields, confusing features/functions, etc. – the a lot of likely users are to abandon it.

The first-time user experience in imperative. excluding making certain users don’t abandon the app, effective onboarding has been shown to extend user lifetime value by up to five hundredth. the subsequent steps will assist you produce an intuitive, resistance app onboarding process.

  • Make logins and account creation easy (reduce steps for signup, provide multiple registration choices, etc).
  • Don’t overload users with info from the beginning. Instead, provide feature/functionality education because the user gets to those options
  • Teach through action to show gestures/actions needed within the app expertise

2. Push Notifications

Push notifications serves most specific and vital functions. For one, it helps inform users that they’ve downloaded your app, that is very important once you’re competitive  for valuable real estate on a user’s device. implemented effectively, it can even facilitate encourage usage through targeting messages supported activity information and preferences . For applications that serve most specific functions and aren’t possible to drive daily usage, it will help interact users by providing them a compelling reason to come back (for example, a reduction or promotion on a service/product).

3. Mobile Personalization

Personalization helps offer a more unique, relevant experience to the user. The aligned the experience is with a user’s desires and preferences, the additional likely they’re to still use the app.

Whenever attainable, personalise the user experience by using well-known data to show relevant content and material within the app. as well as the user’s name on screens and in messaging is a simple thanks to personalise, however diving deeper to make sure push notifications are hyper relevant to the actual user is wherever personalization actually thrives.

4. Incentivization

If you wish to drive engagement and retention, giving users incentive to use your app will go an extended way. Mobile specific rewards, specialised content access, coupons, special promotions, and different offers will help drive conversions and encourage engagement.

5. Product Iteration

Apps are iterative, whether or not they are minimum viable merchandise or mature, polished, and absolutely useful. making certain that you simply update the app experience and add new features and personalised content frequently can help keep users interested and engaged. By mistreatment analytics, tracking user behaviour, and taking note of user feedback, you can verify what your users need and what features of the app are driving usage, which may be accustomed inform product roadmapping and make sure the updates you create are compelling and valuable to your users.

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